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  • New Twitter Photo Feature
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Have you ever wished that sharing a picture through Twitter were easier? Sure, you can share a photo link by heading to a site such as TwitPic, but this requires a bit of work. While Twitter has gained some criticism for competing with third party Twitter services, this hasn’t stopped the popular social networking site from making Twitter the best site to use to send out tweets.

Now, Twitter users can upload photos straight from the Twitter page. This makes it simple to add any kind of image to a tweet, and those who use Twitter are responding to this upgrade rather well. This comes as no surprise as Twitter is still one of the most popular networking options.

The New Twitter Photo Feature

To use the new Twitter photo feature, simply head to your Twitter page. Then click on the camera icon below your dialogue box. You will be prompted to select a photo from your computer, and upload that photo to your tweet. Twitter will then allow you to see a preview of the photo before you send it out.

Anyone who’s reading your tweets can click on the photo, or view a thumbnail of the photo. If your Twitter followers are using a Twitter platform such as Tweetdeck, your image will show up as a pic.twitter.com link. If your users follow you directly from the main Twitter site, your picture will show up as a thumbnail, and a larger photo will appear if users click on the arrow next to your tweet.

Why Add Photos?

Photos always make blogs and other articles pop. If you can place one photo with a tweet, people will be more likely to click on that photo, and read your blog post. The science behind photos is simple, and it’s one that advertisers have used for generations. If you have a pertinent photo to attach to a tweet, go ahead and take advantage of this new Twitter feature.

There’s another reason why Twitter is working so hard to update itself. The new iPhone 5 is coming out really soon, and it’s rumored that Apple will be integrating a lot of Twitter features. So, it makes sense that Twitter and Apple want to work together to create an unstoppable force. Again, this is just a rumor, but aren’t all things iPhone 5 related just rumors?


The new Twitter photo feature is currently available to all Twitter users. Uploading any picture using this new tool is simple and effective. Some avid Twitter users have begun placing the word “PHOTO” before a tweet to let followers know that a photo accompanies a link. This is optional, though it may be a good idea, since people tend to shy away from tweets that include too many links.

For awhile, it appeared as though Google Plus would take over the social networking world. But, it doesn’t seem like Twitter or Facebook are going anywhere just yet. Facebook has recently unveiled a new texting app that’s hitting app stores by storm, and the new Twitter features are, it seems, just the beginning of the iceberg.