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  • Twitter Creates Instagram-like App
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Not so long ago, Facebook purchased Instagram. Before the ink was dry, Twitter, it seems, began to worry. After all, Facebook and Twitter are rivals. Facebook can now dictate where and how Instagram users can share photos. Currently, Twitter users can post Instagram photos on Twitter. But, with the wave of a hand, Facebook can easily take that privilege away.

According to a recent NY Times report, Twitter is looking to prevent Facebook’s ultimate control over the photo-filtering universe. How? By creating Twitter photo filters, of course. Word on the street is that Twitter has been shopping around for an Instagram-like company, but no such company can be found – which is probably the reason why Facebook snatched up Instagram first.

So, Twitter has taken matters into its own hands. Currently, Twitter developers are working on an in-Twitter photo-filtering app that allows Twitter users to filter photos directly from a Twitter account – no Instagram needed. Needless to say, this is a lofty goal.

Can Instagram be Rivaled?

Is Instagram so easy to duplicate? I think not. Otherwise, a massive and wealthy company such as Facebook might have created their own app. Instead, Facebook purchased Instagram for a whopping $1 billion. At the time, it was assumed that this purchase price was justified due to Twitter’s many users. But, it’s now apparent that Facebook realized just how valuable those retro filters are. It is possible that Twitter developers might be able to re-create Instagram, though it seems rather unlikely.

There is another scenario, though. Possibly, Twitter users might find the new filters very useful. If these filters prove to be just as good as Instagram’s – or, dare I say it, better – there would be no need for a Twitter user to access the Instagram app in order to post a pic on Twitter. The photo universe could be split in two once the Twitter filters arrive. Twitter reps have already told press that the company has some very important people on the list of users who would enjoy a Twitter photo- filtering app. Interestingly, Twitter doesn’t seem to be stopping at photo filters either.

Video Editing: A Possibility

Not only does rumor have it (Twitter hasn’t actually confirmed anything, yet) that Twitter is working on a filtering app, but the company might also be working on a video-editing tool. Along the same lines as the filtering app, the new video editing tool would make it possible to edit videos in-Twitter. Again, Twitter would be eliminating third-party apps. It’s clear that Twitter isn’t going to be pushed around by the likes of Facebook or any other network.

Soon, Twitter will take all photo and video editing into its own hands. When it does, Twitter will be a hard social network to bring down. You’ll have to hang tight to see the fruits of Twitter’s labor. It’s tough to estimate when the company will release either of the two new features, but I’m guessing that it won’t be long before you will be able to edit videos and filter photos directly from your Twitter homepage.