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  • Twitter, Rdio, and What You Need to Know
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For Canadians, Rdio is one of the only music streaming options. But, Rdio isn't just for Canadians. It's also one of the most popular streaming music choices available - and for good reason. Rdio comes with a clean interface, a simple to use search option, and plenty of customization selections. In short, Rdio is quickly gaining traction within the music world - especially with the latest Rdio news.

Twitter Music Lists have now appeared on Rdio. Now, when you log into Rdio, you will see a list of 15 Twitter #Music lists. These lists will include current trending music selections, popular artist charts, and additional information is expected to surface soon. What does all of this mean? It may mean that Twitter #Music is quickly gaining traction.

What Twitter App?

Whenever news of Twitter's Music app appears, there seems to be an issue attached to that news: how the heck do you access Twitter music? If you're confused by this music option, here's the scoop: Twitter has a new music app that's available via iOS only. Twitters new Rdio feed collects music algorithm information from outside of the app, and then puts all of those details into your Rdio main page feed - kind of.

Here's how to find that new Twitter Rdio list:

Conduct a 'People search for 'Twitter #music'
That search should generate a list of Twitter music.
You can then click on any of the lists included in the Twitter feed.

Where do these selections come from? People that are using the current Twitter iOS app. Got it? It might sound confusing, but Twitter is simply trying to nudge its way into Rdio and even Spotify (Twitter now has a Spotify app too). So, how good is the new Twitter Music app?

Twitter's New Music App

Is Twitter's new music app worth using? When tested, the Twitter music app ran smoothly, was worth the download, and was a great way to check out some new tunes. But, this app is only available for iOS, and that (as usual) cuts out other platforms users. So, you can't access the Twitter music app if you are using Android or any other platform.

Will Twitter bring its music app to other platforms? It seems likely that the social network will soon be branching out (especially in the face of its new IPO), but no official announcement has been made yet. What will Twitter do next? Whatever it takes to prove to investors that the social media company is worth its weight in gold - or just a solid investment.

For some, Twitter doesn't belong in the music scene. For others, Twitter Music makes perfect sense. Where do you think Twitter belongs in the music scene? Anywhere or not at all?

Twitter Music Questions?

Twitter's music app can be somewhat confusing (and the company hasn't done a great job of explaining it, really). Do you have questions about Twitter's new music app? What do you think about the app? Love it or hate it?