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While this idea is debatable, the general consensus is that removing people from your Twitter account who don’t follow you is best. After all, these people don’t see your tweets, and don’t really add anything to your Twitter life. Exceptions to this rule do exist (some news sites may be an exception), but cutting the dead weight from your Twitter profile is generally a good idea. Also, some people sign up for Twitter accounts, and then never actually send any tweets. Others will add you to start, but unfollow you quickly.

If you have more than 1,000 people on your follow list, you’ll find it tough to go through and find out if these people are actually following you. Thankfully, there’s a better way to complete the unfollow process. In fact, there are a few better ways. Twitter tools are changing all the time, so please note that the information contained here may no longer be applicable, though it was accurate at the time of this writing.

Tweeter Karma

You know what they say: karma can be a real pain. This is precisely the notion that Tweeter Karma is based upon. When you visit the Tweeter Karma website, you simply have to enter your Twitter name and password, allow the app access, and wait for the results. Within minutes, you will have a complete list of people who do not follow you.

Tweeter Karma lists all the people who you follow, and who follow you, neatly. Unlike other apps of this sort, Tweeter Karma makes it simple to see who is following you. By placing red arrows next to people who follow you, and green arrows next to people you follow, you can quickly see what the ratio is. You can also click “follow” or “unfollow” simply.

Just Unfollow

As the name suggests, this app allows you to simply unfollow people. Sign into your Twitter account, see who isn’t following you, and get rid of that dead weight. As is the case with Tweeter Karma, Just Unfollow is easy to use and filled with a clear interface. You can use this program without any hassle at all.

Keeping Your Twitter Profile Clean

As mentioned, unfollowing people on Twitter is controversial. Some believe that it’s best to keep your Twitter profile clean. Others see no harm in following people who don’t follow you. Keep in mind that Twitter isn’t necessary a numbers game. Even though it’s tempting to collect contacts, these contacts won’t work for you if they have no interest in following you back.

Whether you unfollow someone or not is up to you, though you should be forewarned that many of the aforementioned programs will post to your Twitter feed automatically. For instance, you may find that a “I’ve Used Tweeter Karma” post has been added to your profile after using this program. In some ways, this can be construed as threatening to your existing followers. Use these programs with caution, and carefully weigh whether or not it’s worth deleting a few non-responsive followers.