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  • Why Two-Step Verification Is Important
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Two-step authentication is common now. You probably use it when signing in or signing up for Gmail or other mail services, and you may use it for some social networks. Instagram is the latest social network to join the two-step ranks.

Why is this type of security important, and why did Instagram just add it to the social network? Here’s more.

Doing the Two-Step

While this type of security is still being added online, the fact is that two-step security measures have been in place for a really long time in the physical world. Just think about the last time you called your bank. What did the agent on the phone ask you?

You probably had to provide a few different things like your bank account number and your social security or other number, right? Well, this is, essentially, two-step verification.

So if institutions like banks have been using this type of security for a very long time, why are technology companies just starting to use it? This answer is two-fold (pun intended!). First, it makes signing into anything slower.

You have to go through the process of adding additional information, and this is not something that app companies want people to have to do (take longer to sign in or up). Second, it wasn’t really needed in the social media world until recently. Now, though, it’s vital that you set up this type of security for any program that you use online.

Why Two Step Verification Is Important

Any extra security measure that you can take to protect your personal details online is important. However, this type of security is not hacker-proof. Due to the nature of the way that technology companies set up two step verification, it is possible for hackers to snag your data - and it has been done in the past, quite famously.

Some companies can remind you of your lost details by sending you an account recovery email. If you forgot one of your security questions, for example, an account recovery email might be sent to your personal email account. From there, you can reset your password and recovery questions.

This is a good thing if you truly forgot your questions or information - but it’s a bad thing if a hacker has managed to grab control of your email account. It’s fairly easy, at that point, to steal your personal details and any files that you might have inside of your email. So why set up two-step verification at all?

It’s Still Important

Without this extra security measure (however flawed it might be), your accounts are vulnerable. This is why Instagram has implemented this type of security. So now when you log into your Instagram account, you might be asked for additional security information.

I recommend that you go through this process (however annoying it might be), just to make sure that your account is not compromised. Again, it’s not a foolproof system, but it’s better than nothing at all. Instagram’s new security measure will be instilled today, so look for that when you sign in or sign up for the service.