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If you didn't grow up attached to a laptop, you may not be the fastest typist in the world. Unfortunately, you'll have to adapt quickly in order to work in most places these days.

From tablets to phones, the workplace goes with you wherever you go, and that often means setting up a mobile shop and typing away.

How can you become a faster typist? There are a few tricks that you can use to increase your typing speed, but it all begins with science.

How the Brain Works

There's a thing called 'muscle-memory' that will make your life a lot happier when it comes to typing anything. What's muscle-memory? Basically, muscle-memory happens when you do a repetitive task - like learning to type quickly. The more you type without looking at your keyboard, the more your memory remembers how to type and where those keys are - no more hunting and pecking.

Okay, so, now that you know your memory will do most of the work for you, how can you actually start to type faster? Back in the day, you had to sign up for a typing class and type as a teacher whacked your hands with a ruler, but this isn't the way that it goes today. Now, we have Google. We also have lots of great apps to help with typing tasks.

Some Good Programs

There's are tons of typing programs out there that will teach you to type faster. But, some of the programs that stand out include:

TypingTest.com: a really simple and straightforward way to test your skills. Make sure to take the test regularly to get that muscle-memory going.

Typeracer: as the name suggests, this tool wants you to type as fast as you can. Ready? Go!

Kaz-type.com: this program will not only test your skills, but Kaz-type will also help you perfect those skills. The KAZ site states that the program will help you become a faster typist, so give it a shot.

Practice Makes Perfect

How often should you practice typing? Try to take a typing test at least three times per week. If you can increase that to every day, you will be doing your memory a favour. The idea is to learn your keyboard so well that you don't have to actually look at it anymore. The faster you type, the better your workday will be - and the less you'll feel left behind when people that have grown up typing can type visibly faster than you can.

Do you have any typing tips to offer? Let us know! And if you need some help tying, make sure to Google a typing program today, and get started with your muscle-memory. Remember, it only takes a few times to commit the keyboard to memory, so make sure to start as soon as possible. Bonus: your work will be done much faster if you learn to speed up your typing time! Sound off below with your typing tips!