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Every Mac user has experienced the frustrating task of typing in the same information again and again like their name, email address, website address and phone numbers when they type emails or Documents. These repetitive forms of typing can be frustrating and are a waste of time. Many people create shortcuts for these tedious tasks by creating template emails to send out with their personal information already pre-typed or they create .TXT documents with their personal information ready for them to cut and past. Any shortcut that you create can add an unnecessary step to your day. Thankfully, wasted time and wasted steps are now a thing of the past with Typinator.

What Is Typinator?

Typinator is better than any assistant that you might have, this program which easily runs in the background, does things like creating lists of your most commonly uses email phrases or content that you type in your most frequently used Mac programs. It will also insert the current date/time, correct the words that you commonly misspell and insert pictures, signatures and even characters into your emails so you won’t to think about it.

Typinator will increase your own personal productivity at home and also at the office by doing things like creating a list of your typical email responses to customers so you won’t have to. It will also help you to easily acknowledge new customer orders, insert your business logo into letters and automatically fix spelling errors that you most frequently type.

You can also set up Typinator so that it will automatically insert pictures, bullet points, Unicode symbols and snippets of content from any other programs that you might be using so you can maximize your typing time and not continue repeating the same repetitive tasks.

Use It For Development Projects

Besides being great for working on everyday projects Typinator is also excellent to use for taking notes in shorthand so you don’t waste time and it’s also a great tool that will enable anyone to quickly edit and update their webpages without having to know complicated HTML or coding.

Typinator Is Easily Configurable

Unlike other programs that are hard to use, Typinator is easy to set up and specify the settings so it will work globally across all MAC programs. With the hotkey feature, any user won’t have difficulties remembering their abbreviations and will be able to easily maximize their productivity with Typinator.

Lots of Cool Features

Typinator isn’t just a cool program that works great only on one computer it’s also synchronized to work with other programs like Filemaker and Dropbox. This means that you can expand your productivity and everyday business task done quicker than you did in the past.

This program is only available for Macintosh users and it requires an operating system of x 10.4 or higher for it to work. People who are interested in trying out Typinator can download it for free from the Typinator website and once the free trial is over the program costs $19.99 for a single user and $29.99 for a family pack of users.