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It can be hard to figure out where to go to eat. Or where to order food from. Uber wants to help you out with food and restaurants with the company’s new ‘Best of Lists.’ These lists aren’t like Yelp or other food sites. They are solely based on data gathered by Uber users.

Uber Amounts of Data

Uber has decided to use the most popular Uber ride food destinations in its collection of Best of Lists. The company has compiled information from Uber users across the globe. By looking at the restaurants most often visited, Uber has come up with the hottest spots in the most popular cities.

While most restaurant guides are based on user reviews, Uber’s guide is based on popular locations that Uber drivers go to regularly. So which one is more accurate? If you’re looking at the data, Uber’s new restaurant guides are.

The Data Difference

Sites like Yelp offer user opinions of a restaurant, but those opinions can be biased. Uber’s new restaurant guide doesn’t really offer any feedback on places, but the guide does list the most popular spots based on Uber rides. What does that say, though, really? Sometimes a spot is super popular but might not be that great. Other times, a spot is the new hot spot but might not actually serve decent food.

So what’s a restaurant searching person to do? Really a combination of a site like Yelp with a guide like Uber’s Best of Lists would be ideal. You can read reviews on Yelp and then see where people like to go often. Presumably, the two would coincide. You can also tell from reviews whether or not a place is simply trendy or if it’s actually really good.

Splitting Up the Spots

The Uber guides also list the top fine dining places in a city based on UberBlack and UberSelect rides. If UberBlack and UberSelect users frequent a dining spot, Uber assumes that those places are the best fine dining places in a city. The company has also split up the list to include local favorites. Local spots are those frequented regularly by locals.

Slightly Skewed

The one main problem with the Uber restaurant guide is that this information is collected by Uber users that use Uber regularly. The problem with that is the restaurants tend to be on the expensive side - simply because anyone that can use Uber on a daily basis probably has some cash to blow.

So if you’re looking for the best local diner you might not find it - unless that diner is the new hip spot and serves ten dollar milkshakes. Regardless, Uber does have something going with the restaurant data that the company has collected. These guides are certain to be helpful when it comes to figuring out where to eat tonight. Just remember that you’re bound to wind up at a pricey and trendy spot.

You can find Uber’s new restaurant lists through the Uber app or through the Uber website. If you happen to be a frequent Uber user, you might even have sparked some of this list!