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  • Create a Touchscreen On Any Surface With Kinect App
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Sometimes science fiction and reality combine. When that happens, minds are blown. There's a new Ubi Interactive app on the market that combines a projector, the Kinect app, and a Windows 8 PC to create one of the coolest bits of software I've seen in the past ten years.

The Ubi Interactive Experience

Imagine this scenario: you've connected a company projector to a Windows 8 PC and then to the Kinect app. From there, you project an image onto any wall - any wall at all or any surface at all - and walk up to the image to touch, pinch, and move that image all around. You know, just like you would with any PC touchscreen.

Or, you project an image onto a table, and move that image all around with your fingertips. From building plans to company data, any projection can be entirely manipulated with the new Ubi Interactive app. That's pretty amazing, right? Well, that technology has been created and it's available for pre-sale.

The Price of Touch

Surprisingly, Ubi Interactive's technology isn't too expensive when you think about the possibilities of this software. For professional use, you're looking at $379 (one touch point). A business license will cost you $799 (two touch points). Both professional and business versions support a 100-inch surface projection.

If you want to bump it up a bit, the Enterprise version is $1499, and comes with up to 20 different touch points. The new Kinect app will only work with Windows 8, but it does support the Metro environment. Just how reliable is this software?

Thoroughly Tested

Ubi tested the new Kinect app with more than 50 different organizations before turning the technology lose to the public. There are all kinds of ways that you could use the new Kinect app if you have a Windows 8 PC. If you don't have a Windows 8 PC, you'll have to buy one of those before you use the app (but that might be a small write-off).

Even though the Kinect app is relatively new, it has been tested and proven to be highly efficient. Can't wait to get your hands on one? You can pre-order the technology now from the Ubi website. This is the first touch technology of its kind, and it's truly amazing to see a projection turned into a touchscreen. It's also the first of many innovations to come from a project that Microsoft launched last year called the Kinect Accelerator Program.

More Innovations to Come

Microsoft's Kinect Accelerator Program worked with eleven different Kinect-focused startups to create future Kinect apps. Ubi is one of those startups, and the Kinect projection/touchscreen app is the first of many projects to come from that accelerator program.

Some of the startups that Microsoft was working with include a company that's working on medical motion controlled software (GestSure Technologies); animation software (Freak'n Genius); and many others (including Ubi). In short, you haven't seen the last of what Kinect can do - so maybe you'll want to start shopping for a Windows 8 PC now!