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If you run any kind of business, a website is a necessary part of that business. Yet, creating a website is only half of the battle. Any time, effort, or money that you spend on building a website is only effective if your site attracts readers. There are countless ways to attract readers including Search Engine Optimization and other marketing tactics.

Whether or not these tactics work is another story. To determine which marketing tricks are actually attracting traffic, you’ll need the right web analytics software. There are lots of options to select from, though only a few are worth your money. Please note that all prices included in this article were approximate at the time of this writing.

WebTrends – (Monthly Fee Starting at $30)

Understanding what a bunch of jumbled numbers means is tough. The developers of WebTrends have set out to make this task easier by creating a program that’s simple to navigate. WebTrends displays analytics information clearly, so that you can grasp what you need to change about your site. Unlike other programs in its class, WebTrends also comes with lots of free educational information that will make navigating any analytics page simpler. If you’re looking for a program that doesn’t complicate matters, WebTrends is the best option available.

HitsLink Platinum -- $400+ Monthly

There’s nothing cheap about HitsLink Platinum. However, this program includes everything that you need to gather as much information as possible from your site. You’ll find out who’s been reading your web pages, what your bounce rate is, and where visitors are coming from. You’ll also find out when someone’s been viewing your page from a mobile device. If you’re new to gather information about your website, you may find HitsLink Platinum slightly overwhelming. While not hard to navigate, this program is packed with lots of details and numbers. For those who have a website that gains millions of hits per month, HitsLink is one of the best programs on the market.

Google Analytics – Free

Many would scoff at the addition of Google Analytics to this list. However, Google provides a great resource for those who don’t want to pay a lot for an analytics program. Google Analytics will provide you with monthly and weekly updates. You will also find that this program’s handy graph is simple to use and effective. Learn who’s been viewing your site, what your bounce rate is, and whether or not all of your site pages are useful. Google Analytics may be a free program, but it’s also the program that most people use before spending a small fortune on a paid program.

A Quick Note About Analytics Tools

An analytics tool can show you what’s happening with your website. As such, these tools are indispensable. Yet, you don’t have to rush out and buy the most expensive program you can find. Instead, look for a program that offers what you need right now. If you just need a basic explanation, Google Analytics will work just fine. If you want to find out every single minute detail about your site, HitsLink Platinum is the way to go.