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  • Understand Android Before You Buy
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The iPhone was once the “different” phone. Apple sold many phones on the notion that the iPhone was an elusive, intelligent, and unique device. The whole aura surrounding the iPhone was one of cool. To have an iPhone meant a deeper understanding of technology. Then, along came Android.

Android promised more user wiggle room, an open platform, and lots of flexibility. Whether or not people understood these terms was irrelevant. Android was the new cool, and people everywhere wanted a slice of the hip pie. Android phones sold like hotcakes, and people began mocking iPhone users. Then something happened. Many of those Android users began realizing that their phones were, in fact, different. But, this difference has made a lot of people nervous.

High Returns

The technology blog TechCrunch recently pointed out something significant. The Android return rate on some phones is high. According to the blog post, the average iPhone return rate is around 1.7%. Android return rates can be as high as 40%. That’s a lot of Android phones being sent back to manufacturers.

Why the surge in Android returns? Are these phones badly made? Are they faulty in some way? More often than not, the answer is that people simply can’t get used to Android. The uniqueness that appeals to tech junkies is not easy for the average person to get used to. Android can seem difficult to use when compared to the iPhone.

The Android Difference

Apple makes things easy. If you want a phone with designate apps, the iPhone is for you. An app for grocery shopping? No problem. An app for music? You’ll have many choices. All apps have been Apple approved, and all apps were developed by professional developers. Android, on the other hand, allows users to create specific and personalized apps.

Using an Android phone, you can create an app that works just the way you want it to. If the app you have selected from Android’s marketplace doesn’t do something that you want, you can create an app that will do what you want it to.

This sounds fun and easy, but it’s not as simple as you may think. You need to have some developer skills in order to create an app. Most people who buy Android phones do not create apps nor do they have any desire to do so. Many people want Android phones to act like Blackberry or iPhones. When Android phones act differently, those who are disappointed send their phones back – hence, the high return rate.

What Phone to Buy

Forget for a moment that “Droid” phones are cool. Forget that Android phones are now the popular choice. Now, consider what you want to do with your phone. If you just want a phone that works and comes with millions of app options, the iPhone is a solid choice. Apple has always made great products, and the iPhone won’t disappoint.

If you want an open platform, room to play around, and the freedom to create apps, Android phones are for you. Just make sure to choose the right Android phones, since there are a lot of these bad boys on the market.