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  • Is Vinyl Back?
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Digital music had an interesting run. For the most part, digital is still the way that people listen to tunes on the go, but digital also lacks that genuine vinyl sound. That's why record shops and record player repair shops are popping up on every block. Now, Universal Music is getting on the deal.

Universal Music has just launched a Kickstarter-type campaign called UVinyl. The UVinyl division of Universal has been created to give true vinyl lovers a dose of the past - if there's enough interest in the past, that is. Here's the scoop.

UVinyl's Main Purpose

Universal Music has a large collection of vinyl records that are no longer available anywhere else. The record company hopes to gain enough backing from vinyl lovers to re-press old records onto vinyl and create digital copies of these records too. Backers can then purchase these deleted records. But, the company has to gain enough funding and interested people before the UVinyl division can move forward.

What types of records could Universal possibly have that people will really want? So far, the company is set to launch The Jackson 5's "ABC," Sonic Youth's "Goo," and Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road." All of these records will be launched on vinyl.

Cashing In On a Trend

Vinyl record sales are higher than they have been for years. More and more true audiophiles are seeking out vinyl records filled with that authentic scratchy record sound - a sound that just isn't there when it comes to digital downloads. Plus, streaming companies like Pandora are creating a giant mess of the digital music scene, so it makes sense that people are wanting to go back to vinyl.

What's next, though? Cassette tapes? Walkmans? CDs? The list goes on and on. But, none of these things has the same sound as vinyl does, and that's why vinyl is in such high demand lately. Whether or not Universal will be able to generate enough funding and interest to release a number of records on vinyl is a different story.

Skeptical At Best'

Those that are really into vinyl are probably not too keen on what Universal is trying to do. Sure, this record company has a lot of deleted records at its disposal, but it's also a major company that is trying to cash in on a trend, and that usually doesn't bode too well with serious audiophiles.

If you do like what you are reading, you can check out Universal's attempt at re-printing vinyl records by visiting the company's website. Just check out the UVinyl section of the site to see what records the company is trying to bring back. My question is, though, will you pay for releases of old records through Universal? Or, will you just head to your local record shop to see what's available?

What do you think? Are we moving back to vinyl? Thoughts? Ideas? Let me know below! And, hold onto those records, cassette tapes, CDs, and 8-tracks - you never know what trend might pop up next!