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  • Unroll.me: Get Off of Those Mailing Lists Simply
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We all sign up for them for some reason or another, but the mailing list you signed up for eons ago still winds up in your mailbox, completely unwanted. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, you really need to sign up for an Unroll.me account. This new startup site allows you to unsubscribe from all of those pesky mailing lists just by clicking some simple buttons. Really, the whole process is simple, but it will save your inbox – and your sanity!

Your Unroll.me Account

In order to use Unroll.me, you have to sign up for an account. To do this, just head to the site and select the current email program that you use. Keep in mind that this site is in beta, so the program you use might not be listed yet (though most of the major ones are present). After you’ve selected your email provider, Unroll.me will ask permission to scan your emails for any mailing lists that you are currently signed up for.

From there, you can go through all of the lists that are sent to you and click the unsubscribe button (a small “-“). If you want to “roll up,” all you have to do is click the “+” button. A “roll up” means that every newsletter you decide to keep will be combined into one daily listing for you, so that you don’t have to be bothered with more than one newsletter throughout the course of a day. In every manner, Unroll.me will make keeping your inbox uncluttered simple.

Testing the Site

When testing the site, I found it easy enough to select the delete or roll up buttons. However, the site was somewhat slow when tested, and it did take few tries to get the site to remove some of the newsletters I currently subscribe to. The other problem I had with this site is that you have to spread the word about Unroll.me before you can unsubscribe to a number of newsletters. Sharing can happen via Facebook, Twitter, or email. After you allow the site to post on your behalf, you can then continue to get rid of annoying newsletter updates.

Other than these minor glitches (which I’m sure will be worked out soon), the site is really a godsend. Instead of going through hundreds of emails and selecting the “unsubscribe” button, all I had to do was click through the listings that Unroll.me provided – simple. Far too often, startup sites are overambitious, and this winds up disappointing consumers. Thankfully, Unroll.me seems to have it together and getting rid of pesky newsletters was never easier.

Currently, my inbox is completely clean out. Now, only those emails that I want to read appear inside of my Gmail account. Unroll.me is a necessary site that will do very well once people learn about it. If you’re reading this article (and you’re tired of all those newsletters clogging your inbox), head over to Unroll.me to find out what a clean and clutter-free inbox looks like.