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  • UPCload: Online Shopping May Soon Make Sense
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There are lots of things that I like about online shopping. Buying items is quick, usually cheaper, and relatively painless. If you know exactly what you want, you can buy something online with the simple click of a mouse. Most things are easy to buy online, though clothing is the one exception to this rule.

When it comes to buying clothes online, you have two options. You can try to find the item you want to buy online in a store, try it on, and then search for the best online price. Or, you can take a gamble, check that return policy twice, and buy something that may or may not fit you. Of course, there’s the third option of not buying any item of clothing online at all, though this may be a problem if you want to actually save money by not going the brick and mortar retail route.

A new startup out of China called UPcload aims at making online shopping easier for everyone. This startup using your computer’s webcam to let you know if any item you have your eye on will actually fit. Sound innovative and amazing? Well, it is. It’s also a startup that I’m hoping will make it past that crucial first year.

How UPcload Works

In order to determine exactly how big or small you are, the creators at UPcload needed a way to size up everyone who uses this website. So, when using UPcload, you will be asked to hold a CD in front of you, and then stand in front of your webcam. A CD is a universal size, so this makes perfect sense. Once you stand in front of your webcam with the CD, UPcload will be able to figure out whether or not certain items of clothing will fit you well.

If you aren’t sure whether or not to buy a medium or a small, UPcload will let you know which size is best for your body shape. Suddenly, all of the hassle that comes with buying clothes from a website will be gone. The idea behind UPcload is really a refreshing one, and it’s also one that hasn’t been seen before.

Of course, this company is still in startup mode, so you won’t be able to test out the service with all online website just yet. UPcload has told press that the company is currently working with The North Face online, so you may be able to use the UPcload system while buying North Face items soon.

Beta Testing

If you love the way that UPcload sounds, head to the UPcload website right now to try and get on the beta testing list. As mentioned, the company is currently working with The North Face, so beta testers will only be able to try the system while buying North Face items. There seems to be a bit of a backup with beta testers (not surprisingly), so you may have to wait awhile to test the system out once you provide UPcload with your email address and name.

If the UPcload developers are out there and reading this article, I just have one suggestion: change the name of this service. Sure, the idea is a great one, but I can easily see how people will begin calling your system “UPcloud” instead of “UPcload.” Why not provide this great idea with an ever better, more memorable, name? After all, marketing is half of the game.