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  • Upgrading to iPhone 4S
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Apple is set to release their upgrade for the iPhone 4, the 4S, and millions are wondering whether or not to go ahead and purchase it. Yes, it's more powerful than 4, but some just aren't willing to upgrade a piece of equipment they have just purchased in the first place when they are aware of yet another upgraded device due to be released in the near future, the iPhone 5.

The majority agrees, however, that the iPhone 5 could take another year to hit the market. They are content knowing that they will be getting the most powerful version of the iPhone available with version 4S, which takes the best pictures and offers the most innovation to date, like Siri, the app that uses your voice to perform a multitude of tasks, such as send a text message.

How Do I Upgrade?

If you have to have the most current version and just can't wait for version 5 to be released, here's how to do it. First, check with your wireless provider to assure you are able to upgrade. Some contracts do not allow upgrades unless you've had your contract for a specific length of time.

AT&T Users

Dial *639# from the phone you would like to upgrade. You will then receive a text from AT&T, and it can go one of two ways. You will either be allowed to upgrade provided you sign a new two-year contract and pay an $18 fee, or you will be told when specifically you are able to upgrade.

AT&T hinted at allowing some customers with over six months into their contract to upgrade for the $18 fee plus $250 for the upgrade itself (those who are eligible and aren't bound by contractual obligations only pay $199) and requiring a new contract to be signed, but it is all determined by AT&T, and must be done at an authorized AT&T store rather than online. If you have no obligations to worry about, feel free to log onto the AT&T website to complete the upgrade purchase.

Verizon Users

Dial #874 on the phone you would like to upgrade to determine eligibility, or check your account online. You do not need to have an iPhone to do this, as Verizon allows you to upgrade, say, from Android to iPhone. You'll just pay a fee and sign a new two-year contract. Check with Verizon for associated costs as they are directly related to the plan you have currently and can vary.


Simply visit Sprint's website and view their upgrade page to see if you are eligible, and how much you'll pay in fees. Sprint, by the way, is the only cell phone service provider to offer iPhone users an unlimited data plan here in the US.

Your Best Bet

It is wise to shop around rather than stay with your current carrier, as it may cost less to switch service providers altogether rather than upgrade with your current carrier.

Of course, you'll want to check out features that are important to you first, such as coverage areas, cost of monthly plan and data transfer speeds. Don't feel obligated to stay with the carrier you have, it is worth it to look into switching, especially if you end up saving some money as a result.

When Can I Get It?

If you would like to upgrade to iPhone 4S, contact your carrier on October 7th when it is made available for pre-order. It is due to be released publicly on October 14th.