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Learning to type quickly doesn’t happen overnight. Fast typists often spend many hours learning to type quickly. You can practice typing by opening up a Word document and hitting random letters or you can learn to type quickly by using typing software. Typing programs come with many tests, practice sheets, templates, timing functions, and other features. Look for a program that’s affordable and user-friendly.

Miracle Type – $20

If you want to learn how to type quickly now, Miracle Type is the program you’ve been waiting for. This program doesn’t waste any time teaching you how to type without looking at the keyboard. Within one hour, you will be able to type almost any word quickly. Miracle Type is based upon a keyword system that’s user-friendly and simple. You will learn ten different keywords, go through a series of practices, and end the program with fast fingers. One of the best tools on the market, Miracle Type is worth looking into.

Kaz-Type -- $19

Kaz-Type takes a different approach to typing. This program uses multimedia tools in order to teach you how to type quickly. Kaz-Type doesn’t rely on any drills or games. Instead, you will learn how to quickly touch each key when learning to type. If you don’t respond well to repetitive typing drills, Kaz-Type is the program that you need. Kaz-Type is also affordable, which makes this program even more appealing.

Typing Instructor Platinum -- $29+

Typing Instructor Platinum is based upon old school typing methods. You will learn where to place your hands on a keyboard, what keys are located where, and proper typing posture. You will also go through more than 300 different lessons and games throughout the learning process. Using Typing Instructor Platinum is a lot like having a typing teach in the room with you. This program may take longer to conquer than other programs, but you’ll never forget where ADF and JKL are located once you finish with Typing Instructor Platinum.

UltraKey -- $35+

As with Typing Instructor Platinum, UltraKey takes tried and true typing methods into account. This program assesses your current typing level, teaches you how to type properly, and brings you through a number of typing drills. By the time you’re done with UltraKey, you’ll have no problem putting your nimble fingers to work. The one drawback to this program is that UltraKey comes with a dated interface. You won’t find any graphics or lots of bright colors inside of this program, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. UltraKey makes it easy to focus on learning how to type without cluttering the screen with too many graphics.