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  • Using Dropbox to Sync Your Devices
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These days almost everyone has to be concerned with syncing their files or the best methods of sharing them. With Dropbox every user has the ability to easily sync, back up and share their files without the common problems that they may have experienced with these tasks in the past.

Besides being a multi-purpose solution for synchronization, drop box also will update all of a user’s devices and their cloud services so multiple updates won’t have to be done on each device or network that a typical tech savvy person might have.

Get To Know Dropbox

Dropbox is a simple and easy to use tool that enables users to set up a single folder where they can drag the content of their choosing like file folders, pictures and video then when Dropbox is installed on the users other devices, computers or networks they will find the same file folder with the content that they dropped into it on those other networks. What’s even cooler is that if they decide to make changes to the file folder that they created, those changes will be updated to all of the folders on the devices or networks that Dropbox is installed on.

Great For Multiple Workstations

This tool is handy for individuals who work on multiple computers or workstations and want to have an easy solution for insuring that they will have the same content on each machine that they work on. Besides its incredible synching capabilities, Dropbox is also a great tool for collaboration and sharing. You can use Dropbox to send links of files to co-workers and they will be able to easily make changes to them. Dropbox can also be used for sharing pictures and video with family members as well too.

Can Be Used On All Computers

Unlike other applications that only work on one machine, Dropbox is compatible with PC’s, Mac’s and computers that have Linux operating systems. It can also be used on Apple’s iPad, Blackberry and Android phones. With Dropbox, every user can always have confidence that they will be able to quickly access their files anytime they need to have access them without having to go through a lot of complicated steps like other programs.

Security And Peace Of Mind

Dropbox is backed up by a Secure Socket Layer or SSL backbone that has a 256 bit encryption. This means that once a user uploads their files to the Dropbox servers they can expect them to be hacker proof and have confidence that they will safely reach their Dropbox folders on other devices.

Customer Support

Dropbox offers great service and support that is available whenever you need them, day or night. Their support department is available by phone, fax or email and will quickly provide a quick answer to any questions that you might have.


Dropbox offers a free 2G plan but for users who want more storage space they offer a Pro 50 plan that costs $9.99 per month and offers 50 GB of space. Their Pro 100 plan that costs $19.99 per month and offers 100GB of space.