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  • Three New Twitter Cards
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Twitter Cards were first called 'expanded tweets' back when the service was launched in June of 2012. The name has changed to 'Twitter Cards,' but the premise remains the same. This week, Twitter announced the addition of three new cards. Cards that will help some apps grow, let users display photos in a new way, and promote products tweeted by companies.

The Product Card

This card has the most potential for small businesses. Using Twitter's new product card, businesses can send out tweets with a complete product description attached. Merchants of any kind can imbed total product details inside of a tweet -- things like a product photo, price information, and links can be included in a tweet.

Twitter used an Etsy backpack as an example of the product card. By sending out a tweet about the backpack, Etsy owners could then display a photo of the bag, pricing, and a small blurb about the pack. At the bottom of the card, a link to Etsy can also be included. This new Twitter card will be a godsend for small businesses.

The App Card

Twitter's App Card works similar to the Product Card. Only, this card was designed to let Twitter followers connect directly to an app. Here's an example: by sending out a tweet with an app card link, app developers can show details like pricing, rating, and price. Then, those who follow a developer can simply click on the link to find out more about an app.

The Gallery Card

Lastly, Twitter has created the Gallery Card. This card allows users to display photos in a different way. Twitter users have always been able to display a photo in a tweet, but the gallery card turns one photo into a mini gallery that consists of four photos. So, you can share four photos in a nice and neat gallery instead of just one, directly inside of a tweet.

Some Great New Cards

These three new Twitter cards have amazing potential - especially the Product Card. Product cards will give small business owners a chance to display information about a product without relying on a link. Sometimes, Twitter users don't want to follow a link (or don't trust a link), but a card that displays a whole bunch of useful information is a great way to show consumers what a small business has to offer.

Twitter hasn't mentioned adding a "buy" or "shopping cart" option to product cards, but that would be an excellent addition to the new feature. Using these cards is simple, and marketers are ecstatic about the new card features. Twitter's newest cards bring a whole new element to a tweet, let marketers show goods, and help app developers spread the word about an app. In short, these new cards will be a game changer.

How to Use the Twitter Cards

So, how do you use Twitter cards? Simply. Head to the Twitter Card main page, and download the coding associated with the card that you wan to implement. There are also ways to add cards to your WordPress site, if you use WordPress. You can find detailed instructions {{https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards|here}}.