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Virtual Network Computing isn’t a new thing, but it’s something that most people aren’t aware of. Amazingly, VNC is used every day all across the world. In fact, you’ve probably used VNC at some point, though you may not know it. What is VNC? Simply put, VNC software allows you to access a computer’s desktop from any remote location. Further, this type of software makes it possible for other users to access your desktop simultaneously.

There are many different instances where VNC software can be a godsend. Surprisingly, setting up this software isn’t difficult. In fact, there are some free VNC software program that you can use with a fair amount of ease. Many of these programs are also free, which is always a positive thing. If you travel a lot, a VNC program may be the one piece of essential equipment that you need.

Group Activity Ease

VNC programs make sharing, teaching, and learning a breeze. Instead of sending different files to a multitude of users, you can educate a group of people directly from your computer. Once a VNC program has been installed on computer remotely, this software can be accessed at any time (and in any location).

Sharing one computer with a number of users is realistic with a VNC program. This is one of the main reasons why people of all kinds purchase VNC software. Contrary to popular belief, using this type of software is not difficult.


The information shared through a VNC program is transmitted through the Internet. Due to this transmission type, it is possible to use VNC software with any platform. Linux, Windows, Unix, and Mac users can all take advantage of VNC programs.

Secure passwords keep unauthorized users from tapping into a VNC sharing session. Without this password information, people who are not permitted to view a system cannot access a VNC connection. As soon as a VNC connection has been made, information is sent from one user to the next through the Internet.

Everyday Uses

VNC software is used regularly in many different ways. Often, companies provide technicians with VNC software, so that these experts can help clients troubleshoot network and system issues. Likewise, VNC programs are used throughout offices in order to help employees fix computer problems. A technician does not need to be located inside of an office in order to repair a computer or network.

Hiring freelance contractors to work on any kind of project is no longer an impossibility thanks to VNC software. Connecting with someone across the world is simple with VNC programming. These people can even control a computer that is located in another part of the world thanks to VNC.

For example, a contractor in Montreal can control a computer located in China without buying a plane ticket or booking a hotel room. Clearly, VNC software has earned a top spot within today’s networked world. If you have any need to control a computer remotely, look into VNC programs such as VNC Free Edition (a great free option!).