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  • uTorrent vs. Transmission
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One of the benefits of having a high speed internet connection is being able to download songs or whole albums (legally) from your favorite recording artists or bands with a few clicks of your mouse. Two of the best platforms in the world for downloading music, videos and more are uTorrent and Transmission. If you’re unable to wade through the hype and figure out which one is better, this article will break down the finer points of each application to help you decide.

Get To Know uTorrent

uTorrent is a free to download application that enables any Mac or PC user to easily find, download and play the music from their favorite artists in one simple application.

This program takes just a few minutes to set up and install on any computer and it offers lots of bonus features like the ability to download videos in just a few seconds, remote access so you can access your Torrent client from any internet browser and so much more.

One of the coolest things about uTorrent is that all of the files on their service are high quality and consistently checked by other Torrent users to insure that they actually work and are virus free. uTorrent also offers easy to use tools for the casual or advanced user to share their own personal movies, music or pictures with other users via its convenient drop box that creates web links for you to share files with friends or family.

Unlike other applications for downloading and sharing content that have been unstable in the past, uTorrent is consistently updating their software to offer a more streamlined experience to their users. This application is also customizable by allowing you to add or remove features that you don’t like. What’s best of all about this program is that it works great on a flash drive thanks to its portable mode that allows you to save it to a USB drive and take uTorrent anywhere.

What’s most important about uTorrent is that this application won’t hog your computers resources unlike other programs in the past that took up a lot of CPU memory.

Learn More About Transmission

Transmission is no nonsense, Mac only torrent that doesn’t mess with its users by bundling tool bars, adware or types of spyware with their application. They also don’t hold back features from their users either and make is a “pay to play” program like other torrents have done in the past.

Transmission user will benefit from it being open source; this shows that they are committed to laying out their program and showing users that they have nothing to hide.

Downloading and installing Transmission only takes a few minutes then the user can set up their own custom features like defining which Torrents that they want to follow, creating block lists and so much more.

Transmission integrates well with the Mac OS and doesn’t hog up a lot of system resources like other Torrent applications do. This program is also very safe to use which means that users won’t to worry about downloading bad files that may harm their computers.