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  • The Sony Vaio Tap 20: A New Approach to the Desktop
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The future is all about touch. From Google’s recent Gmail for Android updates to the many touch tablets that are on the horizon manufacturers are focusing on your fingertips. The latest touch device to hit the market comes from Sony. The Sony Vaio Tap 20 is a desktop PC that relies completely on touch. As with any other desktop PC, the Tap 20 comes with its pros and cons. But, what really shines about Sony’s latest touch desktop is that it’s ultra-portable.

Focus: Portability and Touch

The Sony Vaio Tap 20 is a desktop PC. But, it’s also a portable desktop PC. How can a desktop be portable? It doesn’t convert into a tablet or laptop, but you can unplug this desktop and move it to another desk – all without powering down the system. Sony has built the Tap 20 to be semi-portable. Or, more portable than almost any other desktop I can think of.

How often will you actually need to move your desktop? That’s debatable. But, if you do, the Touch 20 can be moved without being shut down. This system will remain active for a small amount of time while in transit. Is this a feature that all desktops should have? Maybe not; but it’s an unusual and somewhat practical feature all the same. You wouldn’t want to carry the Tap 20 around with you, though. This 11-pound desktop isn’t meant to be a substitute for a laptop. It is practical if you want to move your desktop from room to room while still running Windows 8.

Tap 20 Specs

The Tap 20 comes with a 750 GB hard drive; Intel Core i5 processor; 4GB of DDR3 memory; and an Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card. Slot and port-wise, you’ll find a SD/Memory Stick reader; two USB 3.0 ports; and a built-in Ethernet port. A 1,920 by 1,080 screen is also nice to look at too. Sony has included a good enough lineup inside the Tap 20 to entice some consumers. This desktop PC stacks up well to competitors, and the whole portable desktop feature certainly sets it apart from all the rest.

The really nice thing about the Tap 20 is that it doesn’t consumer a ton of power. Equipped with a small battery and built on components that are similar to laptop features, the Tap 20 holds its own nicely. Sony’s Tap 20 is definitely not the desktop you’ll want to purchase if you want a system that’s graphics heavy. It’s also not a replacement for a tablet or a laptop. What you’ll find is a solid desktop with some interesting and innovative features.

Pricing and Availability

Sony has priced the Tap 20 at $999.99. This desktop isn’t priced on the very low side, but it’s also not an extremely expensive desktop either. If you want a desktop that you can move from desk to desk without shutting the system down, the Tap 20 is the only one of its kind. Just keep in mind that you’ll need additional AC adaptors too! The new Sony Tap is currently available through the Sony website. You can also pick up the Tap on Amazon and on other electronics websites.