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  • 7 Valentine's Day Tech Gifts that Guys Want
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Guess what guys want this Valentine's Day? Even though those heart-shaped Starbucks cookies look tempting, that's not the way to get his attention.

What is? Tech toys, of course! And, the best part is that you don't have to spend a fortune in order to get him an awesome tech toy either (and why would you? It's Valentine's Day, not Christmas!).

Take a look at these top 7 tech toys for boys this Valentine's Day.

1. A great smartphone case. You have a ton of amazing options when it comes to smartphone cases that are meant to impress. Carved.com can customize any case (and they are all hand-made from wood!). Or, you can go the practical route by choosing a case that doubles as a charger - Morphie sells one that looks great and works wonderfully.

2. Headphones. If your significant other spends a lot of time in-flight, there's no better gift than a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Bose offers some new earbuds that are perfect for cutting annoying airplane noise (like the snores from the guy across the aisle). You will have to spend more than $100 on this gift, but these earbuds are a great higher-end option.

3. A Roku streaming box. Is your man's favourite activity sitting down and chilling out while watching TV? Roku might be the gift that he needs. This box connects your TV to WiFi, and it connects with Netflix and Hulu Plus. More options!

4. iPhone 5C. Is your guy's phone about to die? Or, worse, does he still rock a flip-phone? It might be time to give him an upgrade. The iPhone 5C is cheap (as far as iPhones go), and it comes in tons of great colours.

5. Pebble Smartwatch. This is the watch that has everyone talking. With the Pebble, your man can access all kinds of apps including fitness app options. If he's really into gadget, the Pebble Smartwatch might be the one thing that he's been wanting.

6. Books! Since this is a tech list, I'm going to add the Kindle Paperwhite to the list. With the Paperwhite, your guy can read all kinds of great books, and this Kindle option is a great choice (it's lightweight and designed just for reading things). But, I'm also going to suggest that you purchase hime a gift certificate to your local bookstore too - sometimes an actual book does the trick.

7. The LookLocal app. So, this one is a free gift that you can give to yourself...and use to find your man a fabulous gift that supports a local business. The LookLocal app helps you locate all kinds of local shops in your town that you might not know about. Just download the iOS app, look for that local spot, and give a gift that supports a mom and pop shop. What could be better?

This Valentine's Day, you don't have to go the chocolate and jewelry route. There's tons of tech that your guy will love. What are you getting your man for Valentine's Day?

Note: that awesome case is from Carved.com - 'Cube Inlay'