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  • Dell's New Venue Pro Tablets Are Surprisingly Affordable
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Dell's Windows 8.1 Venue tablets were officially debuted last month, but yesterday those tablets were offered for the first time online. If you're one of the many people that plans to purchase a tablet during the holiday seasons, Dell has some good things to offer with the Venue lineup. Let's take a closer look at the Dell Venue 8 Pro.

What You'll Get For $300

The new Dell Venue 8 Pro comes with an Atom processor, Synaptics digitizer, and a 1,280 X 8000 IPS display. This tablet also comes with a Stylus pen that you can purchase separately for around $35. The tablet itself will sell for $300. That's a low price considering other tablets in its class, but is the Venue 8 Pro worth $300 - or, would you be better of spending a few extra dollars on something a bit better?

This tablet comes with 32GB of storage (a 64GB version is available for a higher price); an 8-inch screen; a Bay Trail processor; SD card slot, micro-USB slot; and 2GB of RAM. That's not a bad lineup for a tablet that's well under $500. And, yes, this tablet does come with two cameras (one front-facing 1.2-megapixel and one 5-megapixel). This tablet looks a lot like it Android competitors, but, of course, the Venue runs Windows 8.1.

How It Stacks Up

Aside from design and specs, the really important thing to consider here is whether or not you want to go or a tablet running Windows 8.1. The reviews for Windows 8.1 are mixed with some people loving what Microsoft has put out, and others thinking that the company still has a long way to go. Windows 8.1 is different, and it is something that you'll have to get used to if you have been using Android or iOS.

But, I like what Windows 8.1 does and where it's going. Considering, though, that Windows 8.1 is still relatively new, it's hard to determine whether or not this tablet is worth $300. Even with everything that the Venue Pro offers, you can't deny that it runs Windows 8.1. So, the question is: do you like or want a tablet that runs on Windows 8.1? If not, this isn't for you. If so, it's worth calling Dell to learn more or checking out this tablet in-store where you can find it.

Ordering Online

As stated, Dell is now selling the Venue Pro online through the Dell website. All you have to do is visit the site, choose your Venue tablet, and you're ready to go. All things considered, the Venue Pro will make a decent holiday gift that's not overly expensive, but there's a slight learning curve with Windows 8.1. That's my opinion of this tablet, but I welcome yours.

If you've checked out Dell's newest tablets, what are your impressions? Are you a fan of Windows 8.1, or does Microsoft still have miles to go before Windows 8.1 can compete with the big boys? Let me know what your thoughts are about this tablet below!