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  • A New Streaming Service from Verizon and Redbox
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Not too long ago, rumors began circulating that Verizon and Redbox would soon team up to bring the world a new kind of streaming site. Well, that day has come. The two companies are indeed teaming up to formulate a new streaming service.

While neither company has issued a release detailing pricing options, the project will be called “Project Zoetrope.” In addition, there are a few details that you might want to know about if you’re tired of the same old streaming options.

A New Kind of Streaming

In order to stand apart from the pack, Verizon and Redbox are creating a new site that’s unlike any other. Instead of offering subscribers a way to simply stream content online, this new service will also offering physical media too. What does this mean? Well, think about a site like Netflix that offers consumers DVDs and Blu-ray options. Now, combine a site like Netflix with a site that offers streaming content and you have a site that offers both. Presumably, you will be able to rent a DVD or Blu-ray from this new site and also download any streaming content that you want.

Both companies have also stated that the platform will support some devices, but the types of devices that will be supported have not yet been named. Presumably, Verizon devices will be at the top of the list. Still, the prospect of a site that offers both streaming and downloadable content is something to look forward to. Verizon and Redbox have stated that the new service will be ready to launch towards the “second half of the year.”

Pricing Predictions

One would assume that Verizon and Redbox must price this new streaming service competitively. After all, when Netflix tried to raise prices (or charge more than was fair), consumers rebelled against these high prices. Yet, as some have pointed out, Verizon tends to offer its service on the high side. So, I’m guessing that the new streaming service will be priced somewhere between what Netflix currently offers and what Verizon and Redbox both feel is fair for consumers who would be interested in this service.

The other important thing to ponder here is whether or not consumers will feel the need to sign up for such a service. No doubt that both Verizon and Redbox (and the two combined) have done their homework to see whether or not there is a market for such a service, but some people are already comparing the new site to Blockbuster’s streaming service that didn’t last too long.

One would assume that the two companies are going to do anything within their power not to end up like Blockbuster, but we’ll see if that’s what happens in the end. For now, the anticipation surrounding the Verizon and Redbox venture is somewhat on the high side, and many are waiting to see what comes of this new service. If you’ve been looking for a streaming service of this type, stay tuned for more information as it is unveiled.