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  • An iPad Accessory Worth Buying
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I know. There are more than two handfuls of iPad accessories on the market. Further, of those accessories are expensive, but not worth your time or money. Well, I want to introduce you to an accessory that is actually worth both your money and time. That accessory is called the Ergotech VersaStand for iPad.

All About the Ergotech VersaStand

Why is this stand so special? First of all, it's ergonomic. That means that you won't injure your arms, wrists, or other body parts when using this stand. Secondly, it's lightweight and extremely easy to use. Other stands make it hard to snap an iPad onto a stand, but this one is simply easy.

The really great thing about this stand, too, is that it can tilt and tip towards any angle. So, if you want to view something on your iPad screen at an odd angle, you can simply tip the stand in your direction. This makes it a lot easier to see things without craning your neck or trying to move a stand that doesn't bend.

Stand Design Features

I really like the look of this stand too. The VersaStand is minimalist in every manner, and comes in a nice brushed chrome colour. When an iPad is docked on the stand, the iPad looks every bit the part of a desktop screen, but it's a heck of lot smaller and lighter than any desktop screen.

The other great detail here is the price of this stand. Most iPad accessories tend to be on the very expensive side (manufacturers figure that you've spent so much on an iPad, so you can afford to spend a lot on accessories). Well, this isn't the case with the VersaStand. This stand retails for $99. I've also seen many online retailers selling this stand for around $79. That's a lot cheaper than most other iPad stands on the market.

Why Use This Stand?

Aside from the things mentioned above, the VersaStand is just great all around. If you prop a keyboard in front of it, the VersaStand really becomes that lightweight desktop you've always wanted. Or, you can simply use the stand to view any movies or TV shows on your iPad. This stand makes a great little holder for viewing media.

It's hard to find anything really wrong with the VersaStand. If I were to point out any drawbacks, it would be that the back cover that comes with this stand is a bit thicker than the overall design of the stand. Given the stand's lightweight exterior, a back cover that was also thin would have been a better design. But, that's a really small drawback to a really great stand bursting with features and design elements that anyone will appreciate.


If you're shopping for an iPad stand, the VersaStand is really a great buy. You can purchase this stand online through various retailers or in any store that carries a full line of iPad accessories. Need an iPad stand? This one is the only one you'll want!