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  • iMacs: Now With VESA Mounts!
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It's a TV! No! It's an iMac! Soon, the two will look similar. The newest iMacs didn't exactly into VESA mounts. So, Apple decided to do something about this problem. Now, it is possible to purchase an iMac with a VESA mount built into it. That's right, folks, you will be able to mount your iMac to the wall without fussing around with a VESA mount that doesn't fit.

Directly from the Apple store, you can purchase a VESA-mounted iMac. Now, it's not a good idea to purchase an iMac of this type if you don't plan to mount it to a wall, but you will love the amount of deskspace you gain when mounting your computer to a wall instead of letting it sit on your desktop. How much? When? Other details? Read below.

It Will Cost You

Since when has Apple added anything extra on the cheap? Appel products and the word "cheap" simply don't coincide. If you want a new VESA-mounted iMac, you will have to pay an extra $40. This $40 price applies to both the 21.5-inch iMac and the 27-inch iMac. But, wait, that's not all! You will have to purchase a VESA stand to go along with your new VESA-mounted iMac. Your old stand (if you have one) won't cut it.

The goods news is that current VESA arms will work. So, you might be able to save a couple of dollars there. What if you've just purchased an iMac, have a VESA mount, and are now fuming with anger after realizing that your current VESA mount won't work? Apple hasn't released an transformation details yet. But, it would be within the company's best interests to offer new iMac owners a mounting option. Otherwise, you will simply be out of luck.

Should Have, Would Have, Could Have

Really, Apple should be including a wall mounting option for free. After all, you're already paying a premium price for the iMac, and the iMac is supposed to be compatible with VESA mounts. However, Apple rarely offers adjustments or inclusions for free. I'm hoping that Apple does offer current iMac owners some kind of discounted option, though.

Some argue that the iMac is the best option in its class. Others believe that the iMac is simply an over glorified laptop. If you love what Apple does, the iMac might be for you. If not, stick to other options.

It's hard to argue, though, that a nice and thin computer mounted to a wall above a desktop doesn't make for a great overall design. Further, staring straight ahead at an iMac is a healthier way to look at a screen -- no neck craning involved.


You can purchase your VESA-mounted iMac in the Apple store right now. The 21-inch iMac will now cost you $1539 (with VESA mount), and the 27-inch is $2039. That's a hefty price to pay for any computer, but the iMac tends to be one of a kind. Now that you can easily mount your iMac to a wall, the extra cost is worth it.