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Cell phone carriers rule the smartphone world. If you want to upgrade to a new phone, you have to check with your carrier. If you want to change or alter your plan, you have to call your carrier. It seems like you can’t make any real moves without contacting your carrier. Of course, you have to pay your carrier if you want to make phone calls or send texts. Well, not anymore.

Viber is an app that’s available for both iOS and Android. This app will make all calls and texts to other Viber users completely free. Viber was first introduced for use with the iPhone, but this app is now available for use with Android phones as well. If you want to lower your phone bill, it’s time to download Viber – and get the other people you speak with regularly to download this app too.

Note: the new iOS 5 makes it possible to text and talk to other iPhone users free of charge.

Viber is International

If you know someone (let’s say, your mom) who lives in another country and has a smartphone, you can talk and text this person free of charge using Viber. This is a practical app if you conduct business in other countries, speak to people out of the country regularly, and reach out to other people anywhere in the world.

There’s nothing that your carrier can do if you download Viber. All calls and texts to anyone else who has Viber are absolutely free. Now, there’s an effective way to stick it to your carrier! So, how does Viber work? The download is free, and once the app is downloaded the set up process is painless.

The Set Up Process

Once you have downloaded Viber, the app will ask you to enter and verify your phone number. Shortly after, a text from Viber will be sent to you. This text contains a verification code that you must enter. Once this has been accomplished, the app will scan your address book to see if you know anyone who’s currently using the app. If you know someone who uses Viber, this person will be added to your Viber list. If you do not know anyone who uses Viber, you can send quick text messages to these people (free, of course).

From there, all you have to do is use the Viber app when you make a call or when you text someone. Instead of creating a screen name (like you must do with Skype), Viber simply uses your phone number. The whole process is simple, easy, and will save you money if you can get people to sign up for Viber.

Some Complaints

As with any app, Viber comes with some user complaints. The biggest complaint is that the app itself isn’t going to win any design awards. Sure, the Viber interface is bleak and boring, but does this really matter? After all, the app is free, the download is quick, and you will be able to make free calls and send free texts to anyone in the world.

I’m not sure that the design matters too much in this case. Viber is also easy to navigate, which many people are certain to appreciate. If you are tired of being a slave to your carrier, check out Viber. This app makes sending texts and calling people around the globe simpler.