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  • Victoria Nostalgic Internet Radio
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Vintage radios are great to look at. Before consumers were concerned with size, radio manufacturers created devices that were works of art. Vintage radio collectors can sell complete collections for thousands of dollars, and there’s still a high demand for radios of this sort.

The only problem with an authentic vintage radio is the sound quality. If you want to hook up your iPod or connected to an Internet radio service with a vintage radio, you’re out of luck – or are you?

Victoria (a trusted name in radio manufacturing for decades) has just created an Internet radio that’s sure to make heads turn. The Victoria Nostalgic Internet Radio looks every bit the vintage part, but this radio comes with modern sound and technology. In short, this radio is the perfect combination of beauty and brains.

What to Expect

Aside from the fact that you’ll love the way this radio looks (if you love vintage radios), the Victoria Nostalgic Internet Radio can do anything that any kind of Internet radio can do. If you have a subscription to Pandora or Rhapsody, this radio can tune into any kind of music that you like. All you really need is a strong Wi-Fi connection, and you’re good to go.

The Victoria radio comes with a remote, but it also has volume and selection controls on the front of the radio panel. It is also possible to operate this radio from your smartphone through a special Victoria radio app. The possible ways to control this radio make it an ideal selection for someone who wants a radio that’s easy to use from all angles. Even if you’re in the other room, you can make music happen through your new radio from your phone or using the provided remote control.


The Victoria Nostalgic Internet Radio puts user-friendliness first. Not only is this radio easy to control via smartphone, remote, or through handy buttons, but this radio also organizes all of those great Internet radio stations that you love. Sure, you can listen to music from any Internet radio station through your computer, but this radio makes it easier to find new music, categorize music you like, and sift through existing favorite channels.
Setting up this radio is also a snap. If you have a router and a reliable Wi-Fi connection, there’s really nothing more to it. I can easily state that anyone can use this radio.

If you’re familiar with Internet radio stations, there’s nothing complex about the new offering from Victoria. You’re also bound to love the price of this radio. For $229.99, you can purchase this radio, and have an aesthetically pleasing way to listen to the tunes that you love.

Where to Find It

You can find the Victoria Nostalgic Internet Radio through various electronics retailers (such as Amazon), through Grace Digital Audio, or by looking at the official Victoria website. Incidentally, this radio would make a wonderful gift for any occasion – especially for the radio enthusiast on your Christmas list.