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  • Instagram's New App: Hyperlapse
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Hyperlapse Is Where It's At

There’s a new Instagram app in town called Hyperlapse. This app lets you shoot time lapse videos that were previously only possible to capture using a tripod and other expensive equipment. Hyperlapse has become immensely popular overnight, and it’s clear to see why - this app makes taking photos of anything simpler.

If you haven’t used Hyperlapse yet, here’s what you can expect.

Setting it Up

Logging in and signing up for Hyperlapse is as easy as pie. Just download the app, and run through the setup. Once you’re there, you can start playing with app settings and using the app to take all of those awesome time lapse videos.

Hyperlapse Interface

The Hyperlapse app couldn’t be simpler to use. When you open the app, you are given the choice of two screens. The first screen features a camera with a giant record button. If you tap the record button, you will start recording your first video. Simple, right?

The second screen pops up after you’re done recording, and this screen lets you choose the playback speed. You can mess around with different speeds until you find the desired effect. It’s possible to increase the speed up to 12X, which is fun to do if you’ve recorded a really long video - and that’s entirely the point.

Recording a Video

As mentioned, it’s simple to start shooting videos. All you have to do is hit the record button, and you’re off. But, make sure that you record a lot of footage - more than you normally would. This way, you can speed up the video when you're all done - better to have more than less.

Just like Instagram, different speeds work best with different videos, so you can easily choose the right one to make your video stand out. Once that’s done, you can save your video, or you can send the video to a social network like Facebook. You can also send the video to Instagram where you can add additional filters and other editing touches.

One Small Drawback

You can’t add any sound to the videos that you record. Some people may find that sound is not necessary (and it probably isn’t in most cases), but having the option to add sound might be fun for some people. Otherwise, Hyperlapse is a great Instagram app to download and play with, and it’s available right now for free.

Unfortunately for Android users, Hyperlapse is only available through the iOS App Store currently. There’s no word yet as to whether or not Instagram plans to create an Android version. If you do have an iPhone, though, give this app a try. It’s a lot of fun to shoot videos, speed up the video, and share it with your friends - whether you're recording an ice bucket challenge or two hours of surfing, this app makes video much more fun.