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  • Making Edits the Right Way: How to Buy Video Editing Software
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More often than not, cameras come with some form of video editing software. This free-with-purchase software provides an excellent foray into the video editing world.

However, if you intend to be a serious videographer, you will need a serious program. There are lots of great video editing software options available, and many good choices can be purchased for less than $500 (at the time of this writing).


While seemingly obvious, it is important to select a program that is compatible with your current operating system. Not only should a program effectively run on your computer, but you should also be able to operate a program without creating a massive system stall (or failure). Take a look at software specs in order to find a program that is compatible with your system.

Windows users will find an array of software options. Mac users may discover that purchasing video editing software for Mac is somewhat difficult. If you have a Mac, check out Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Media Composer. All of these programs will work with a Macintosh system.


When talking about video editing programs, user-friendliness is tricky. Normally, a program should be easy to navigate if it is to be consider user-friendly – this is not the case with video editing software. Even though you should be able to use video editing software, you don’t want to choose an overly simplistic program.

Select a program that has a learning curve you can master. By finding a program that comes with live help, a complete manual, or thorough directions, you can learn to use most video editing software. In most instances, software that includes a slight learning curve is software that’s worth figuring out.

Formats and Resolution Considerations

It’s important to select a program that can handle any format or resolution that you may use. Some software is limited in this area, and these programs should be avoided. Even if you think that you will never use a different or unique format (or resolution), it’s a good idea to have many different options available.


Great video editing software should have a number of features. Advanced features such as layering and effects are vital. Other features to look for include color balance choices, plug-in options, and transition selections. Features are the backbone of any good video editing software.


Good video editing software is expensive. Free video editing software is limited. Inexpensive video editing software is simply not worth the expensive. When you combine all of the details listed above, you will be left with software that’s in the $500+ range.

This might seem like a lot of money, but a great video editing program will last a long time. In this instance, it is best to set aside funds in order to purchase video editing software that you will find enjoyable and useful.