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  • Mobile Ad Videos: The New Way To Advertise?
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It’s no secret – mobile advertising is going to be huge this year. After all, millions of people around the world are smartphone addicts; so mobile advertising just makes sense. You may have already noticed some mobile ads scrolling along the bottom of certain mobile apps. If you haven’t noticed these new ads, you certainly will notice them very soon (really, it’s only a matter of time).

A few companies (including Google and Apple) have already jumped into the mobile advertising arena, but none of these companies have offered video advertising via mobile devices. Now, a startup called 140 Proof has started to offer its customers video ads, and this is sure to be a big hit within the advertising world, though it might not be such good news for consumers.

140 Proof Video Ads

140 Proof has begun to offer its customers the option to include video ads to any app. Thus, any 140 Proof clients who want to reach app users can simply imbed a video into an app. This is a huge deal, since most mobile app ads are displayed in the form of text. Now, 140 Proof clients can display video ads – ads that most mobile users miss, even though these ads run on TV.

This isn’t such great news for consumers though. Mobile devices offer a sort of safe haven from advertisements, but you knew it was only a matter of time, right? Soon enough, you will see advertisements running right in the middle of your social streams. While there’s no warding off advertisers (for now), companies like 140 Proof are sure to cash in on this new venture.

Some Possible Mobile Ad Risks

While there’s a huge amount of money to be made on the mobile ad scene right now, there are some risks to mobile advertising. The biggest risk is that someone somewhere will eventually invent an app that blocks mobile ads from popping up or running in social streams. When this happens, advertisers are going to have to find another way to display ads to mobile consumers.

For now though, 140 Proof is certain to corner the mobile ad video market. Since no other company is offer video ads at the moment, 140 Proof certainly has the upper hand. This company has also just gained a lot of funding, and it certainly looks like these funds will be put to good use. Investors looking to invest in a new venture might want to take a closer look at companies like 140 Proof (and others – right now, there are three other companies in this arena worth looking at). Just keep in mind that mobile advertising (video or otherwise) is bound to be around for a limited time, so make sure to pull out of investing before this crash happens.

For consumers, the inevitable abundance of mobile ads is not something to look forward to right now – unless, of course, companies market these ads intelligently and offer consumers ads that are actually useful and helpful.