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  • Think Your Video Game Collection Is Big? Check This One Out!
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The World's Largest Video Game Collection

The world’s biggest video game collection has just been sold for $750,250. The collection contained more than 11,000 video games for more than 104 different consoles. The collection had been part of Michael Thomasson’s pride and joy since 1982. The Hamburg, New York, collector had to sell his video games in order to obtain money to support his immediate and extended family.

Guinness Weighs In

When you sell a collection of video games this big, the Guinness Book of World Records has to be notified (what better way to go down in the history books?). Guinness did take a look at Thomasson’s collection, and he does take the top prize for the biggest known video game collection to date. There might be someone out there that has a bigger collection, but nobody has tried to sell one larger than Thomasson’s thus far (and nobody has notified Guinness of anything larger than this bunch).

What did the collection contain? Thomasson managed to collect complete sets for 22 US consoles including Atari Jaguar, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Virtual Boy, and 3DO. He also had complete collections for 14 additional consoles, and multiple thousands of games for approximately 68 additional consoles.

How the heck did he manage to get so many games? Thomasson used to own a video game shop, and he has spent his days buying and adding games to his collection, which has grown to more than 11,000 games since 2012 when he had just 10,607 games. But, like any collector, he started with just a few games for a few consoles.

Out of all the games sold, around 2600 of them are still factory-sealed. So, my question is this: is $750,250 enough money for all of those games? Did Thomasson get a fair deal here?

The Lucky Buyer

Since Thomasson sold his collection online, all we know about the buyer is that he goes by the name ‘peeps_10091970.’ What he plans to do with the games nobody knows, but I’m hoping that he starts playing with some of them, or plans to build onto the collection to make it even bigger.

As far as Thomasson goes, he has told press that he is sad to have to part with his collection. However, he’s confident that he’ll be able to build up a decent collection once again in the future. This is kind of a sad story, but it’s also interesting to note how many games Thomasson did manage to collect over the years.

From this writer’s stance, he didn’t get as much money as he should have for the collection, but selling the whole thing quickly online was the fastest way to get the most money he could within a short amount of time. It’s unclear why he needed the money so quickly, but here’s hoping that it’s well spent!

You know I want to know: how big is your collection? Let’s see what you’ve got to brag about!