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  • The ViewPhone 3: Ideal for Travel
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Viewsonic showed off the ViewPhone 3 at the CES conference in Las Vegas, this week. This phone made a number of tech headlines for one main reason: the ViewPhone 3 comes with a dual-SIM option. This means that ViewPhone 3 users can switch SIM cards while travel or if the need to move from a work phone to a casual phone arises (without actually switching phones). In addition to the dual-SIM capabilities, the ViewPhone 3 comes with some other interesting options.

Unfortunately, at first glance, the ViewPhone 3 isn’t the slickest phone on the market. While not a big deal to some consumers, the smartphone marketplace is full of very sleek phones that do many of the things that ViewPhone 3 does. Of course, no other phone (for now) comes with the dual-SIM ability, so Viewsonic may attract many consumers with this phone based upon that option alone. All in all, Viewsonic has displayed a phone that may be better suited for some consumers than for others, but will pique general interest all the same.

The Design

As mentioned, the design of the ViewPhone 3 isn’t the best on the market. Yet, this doesn’t mean that some people won’t be able to overlook this phone’s case. The main problem with the ViewPhone 3 isn’t the screen size (3.5-inch) or screen quality (320X480 pixel). It’s really the thick, black, plastic rim that surrounds the entire area of the phone. This case will easily remind some of those poorly made rubber iPhone cases that can be purchased for $1 at the local dollar store.

Then again, the ViewPhone 3 was built with the traveling business person in mind, so it’s possible that these consumers won’t care about the look of the phone – as long as the phone works well. On that note, there seem to be some conflict views as far as the performance of the ViewPhone 3 goes. Some reviewers who’ve had the chance to test out this phone at CES found it to be rather slow. On the other hand, some reviewer found the ViewPhone 3 to respond well in addition to having an interesting interface.

The OS

The ViewPhone 3 is an Android phone that runs on Gingerbread. As such, the ViewPhone is fast an intuitive enough to please most consumers. Viewsonic repeatedly stated in various video clips that the new phone was built with the international business traveler in mind. Why? Travelers can switch SIM cards depending on location, and this may be enough to entice consumers worldwide to take a close look at the ViewPhone 3 when it arrives on store shelves.

Speaking of availability, Viewsonic plans to send the ViewPhone 3 to Latin American markets first and then to North America. In short, it will be a few months, at least, before this phone lands in North America, so you have time to consider whether a dual-SIM option is worth the $279 price tag. For some, this phone makes a lot of sense. For others, the dual-SIM attraction might not be the answer they’ve been looking for.