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  • Virgin Mobile Offering a Good Family Data Plan
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Virgin Mobile is now offering contract-free data sharing in the US. Even though Virgin Mobile isn’t hugely popular in the US, it is a good carrier with some excellent deals, and the latest data sharing deal is also hard to pass up. The data sharing plan is aimed at families, and prices start at $65 - here are the additional details.

Pricing Details

For $65, you will get unlimited talk, text, and 4GB of LTE that you can split amongst two different lines. If you move up in price to $90, you’ll get 8GB of data that you can share with three lines. For $115, you will get 12GB of data with the option to share with four different lines. While there are other companies in the US that offer data sharing plans, Virgin allows you to split the data however you want to, and other companies tend to be a lot more restrictive where data splitting is concerned.

Why would you want to split it up randomly? Let’s say that you have one person in your family that uses a ton of data each month. You may want to provide that person with more data - so, your teenage daughter could get more data while mom gets less. This is the nice thing about the Virgin data plan. The company has just come out with this plan in the US too, so it’s going to be a popular one. If you compare it to other plans, it works out to around $30 per person for the biggest plan, which isn’t bad at all if you have a four person family.

Additional Fees

You do have to factor in any additional fees and taxes when you consider the price of these plans, but they’re still kind of hard to beat. The only other drawback to these plans doesn’t really have to do with the plans at all. Virgin doesn’t offer a lot of phone options in the US, and unlike some companies your family is going to have to settle for an iPhone or some of the lesser popular Androids.

In most cases, the phone selection won’t be a huge problem, but if your heart is dead set on a phone that Virgin doesn’t carry, you’re out of luck here. Weighing your options might be a good choice though, since the data plan itself is kind of hard to beat. Can you live with one of the phones that Virgin offers? If you can, this is a good deal. If not, well, you’ll be stuck splitting data according to the rules that other carriers put forth, or not having the option to split data at all.

Where to Pick Them Up

If you live in the US, you can pick up a Virgin Mobile phone that’s part of the data splitting plan at Walmart stores today. There are other plans out there, like I said, but this one is pretty decent and does give you the freedom to split how you see fit (a nice feature). Of course, this plan won’t work if someone in your family sucks more than 12GB of data, but it would work otherwise.