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  • Flying Virgin? Watch YouTube During Your Trip
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This past April, Google announced that the company would be sinking $100 million into original YouTube programming. Google wanted to take some popular YouTube shows, apply professional videography, and offer viewers original programming and unique YouTube channels. Google had a good deal of success with original programming, and now certain YouTube shows have a new venue. Virgin Airlines will begin broadcasting certain YouTube original shows starting this December 15th.

That means that you will be able to view quality YouTube programming while sitting back in your Virgin Airlines seat. Virgin is still working on the shows that will be broadcast, but you can expect to see some popular YouTube titles appear including Blue, The Key of Awesome, and Written by a Kid. Why has Virgin decided to team up with Google and offer YouTube programming? More likely than not, Virgin is attempting to appeal to a younger, hipper, crowd.

Why In-Flight Programs Make Good Sense for Virgin

You may be thinking “but, wait, why don’t I just visit the YouTube website while I’m in-flight?” Well, this is a possibility, of course, but it’s a lot easier to kick back and watch programs that appear on the seat in front of you. Virgin also tends to offer unique in-flight programming at all times. Unlike other airlines, Virgin takes the time to find old shows that appeal to the company’s clients, interesting videos, and movies that aren’t run-of-the-mill. So, originally YouTube programming fits Virgin’s in-flight entertainment mandate rather well.

YouTube is also gaining in popularity. Viewers who are seeking programing that’s not the same as all other programming are starting to visit YouTube frequently. In the past, flying any airline meant viewing the same basic in-flight entertainment, but all of this may change in the future. Soon, you may be choosing the flight you want to take based on what airlines have to offer. If you’re not into retro programming and original YouTube offerings, you won’t dig what Virgin is showcasing. In that case, you may wan to fly United or some other airline.

What’s To Come for Virgin and Google

As mentioned, Virgin will start offering original YouTube programming to in-flight customers towards the middle of this month. If you happen to fly Virgin a lot and want to check out some original shows, make sure to take a peek at the new YouTube programming offers – and then let me know what you think of Virgin’s latest entertainment move. Virgin tends to be one step ahead of its competitors at all times by keeping up to date with what clients want.

Offering YouTube programs to flyers is just another way for Virgin to stay ahead. The question now is, will Google come up with even better original programming in order to appease the entertainment powers over at Virgin? Right now, original YouTube programming hasn’t caught on in droves, but all of this may change if airline passengers suddenly begin to watch some unusual programs and become hooked both in and out of flight.