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  • Visa and Shopkick: A Happy Couple
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Shopkick is a free Android and iOS app that provides shoppers with valuable points just for stepping into a participating store. Collecting Shopkick points will allow users to gain free items from stores, discounts, and other incentives. These apps are simple to use, and many shoppers are already taking advantage of what Shopkick has to offer. Now, Shopkick has teamed up with the Visa network to bring shoppers even more rewards.

Through a recent partnership, Shopkick and Visa will reward those who use a Visa credit or debit card to make purchases at participating stores. Visa rewards points will be added to a user’s Shopkick account. Not only is this a great way to spread the word about Shopkick right before the holiday season, it’s an excellent way for Visa to compete with other credit card companies that are offering similar rewards programs.

How Shopkick Works

If you have an Android or Apple phone, you can download the free Shopkick app (not available for Windows or BlackBerry at the moment). Once downloaded, all you have to do is insert some basic information. Then, the next time that you walk into a store, simply activate your Shopkick app. If the store you’ve wandered into is a participating store, you will gain points just for walking into that store. Further, you will gain even more points if the store you are visiting is participating in the Visa program (not all stores participate).

While shopping, Shopkick may prompt you to scan some items or do other things while in store. All of these actions will gain you additional Shopkick points. If you decide to buy an item, you can gain even more points by using your Visa card to purchase that item. Simply purchase the item as usual, and follow the Shopkick commands during checkout. All of the additional points that you have earned will shop up in your Shopkick account.


Right now, Shopkick is available in the United States. If you enter a number of stores including Toys R U, Best Buy, American Eagle, and others, you will gain Shopkick points. For a complete listing of participating stores, visit the Shopkick website. If you do not live in the United States, I’m sad to say that Shopkick will not be available to you. However, if you shop in the U.S. a lot, you might be able to download this app while visiting the U.S, though I have no tested this theory yet.

As soon as you sign up for the app, you will gain points. Just how many points you need to actually win something or gain a substantial rebate is unclear, though it’s within Shopkick’s best interest to reward users promptly. In my book, any discount that you didn’t count on before is well worth downloading an app for. If you could use some extra dollars, a deep discount, or other reward, make sure to download the Shopkick app. You’ll find the app in the Apple App Store or in the Android Marketplace respectively.