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  • Vitacost Has a New Tablet App
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Vitacost is the place to purchase vitamins and other health food goods. This site offers all the best for your body at a fraction of health food store prices. Thousands of people use Vitacost daily, and the company has built up a solid reputation. That's precisely why the founders of Vitacost have just built an exclusive tablet app.

This app is not like the current smartphone app that the company put out some time ago. The tablet app was designed specifically for tablets (mostly for the iPad, but it's not a native iPad app), and incorporates some very clever marketing strategies.

Tablet Users Like to Browse

Studies have shown that tablet users enjoy browsing more than smartphone or laptop users. Why is this? Possibly because the tablet was made for casual use. Most people who use tablets aren't in any kind of rush to purchase goods and then walk away. This is marketing information that Vitacost is taking seriously.

The new Vitacost tablet app takes browsing into consideration by offering shoppers targeted shopping suggestions. For example, you might visit the Vitacost app to purchase protein power made by a specific company. While shopping for that powder, the Vitacost app will suggest other protein products that you might enjoy. Since tablet users are likely to browse, these products may be purchased via tablet regularly. But, that's not all. This app is built around tablet movements.

Gestures, Swipes, and Other Actions

Vitacost understands that tablet users want to make the most of the tablet. This means making an app that's easy to swipe through. When product suggestions are made, users can simply swipe left to right to go through products, and drag and drop products into a shopping cart. The whole app has really been designed with tablet shopping in mind.

Vitacost's new tablet app is nice to look at too. Large and colourful bubbles display similar product details, squares filled with helpful information pop up regularly, and the whole app fills a tablet screen nicely. It's really a job well done on the part of Vitacost. Vitacost has made shopping via tablet fun, and that's definitely more than half the battle.


The Vitacost app is currently available in the Apple App Store. The app has not yet rolled out to Android, but that's an update to be expected within the next few months. Monthly, Vitacost sees millions of browsers, and plenty of consumers. These numbers are bound to increase thanks to the new tablet app.

If you use Vitacost and have an iPad, this might be the app you've been waiting for. You might wind up buying more than you wanted to, but you may also find a new product that you'll really like. The app is completely free to use, and it's available right now.

If you've never ordered from Vitacost, stop buying food from health food stores instantly. You'll save a ton of money by using this health food service, get quick delivery rates, and now you can play around with the company's fun tablet app too.