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  • Vizio’s New Ultra HD TVs
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There are a lot of TVs on the current market that are around the 4k mark (and many under that price point). Vizio will be joining those other TV manufacturers soon. Vizio has announced that the company will be releasing a series of TVs that will cost consumers around 4k. These TVs will first be debuted at the current CES conference. Following the conference, Vizio will send the various Ultra HD TV options to retailers across the United States.

Upcoming Vizio Ultra HD TVs

The new TVs from Vizio will come in 55, 65, and 70-inch sizes. These televisions will feature 3D technology, a refresh rate of 240Hz, and come with LED. Vizio has its work cut out, since many other television manufacturers will be debuting similar sets at the CES conference. In case you’re wondering what the deal with Ultra HD is, the answer to this question is relatively straightforward. Vizio’s Ultra HD TV lineup will come with 4K resolution and a variety of 3D glasses to choose from. Essentially, Ultra HD is a hyped-up version of HD and 3D combined.

Vizio will also equip all of its new Ultra HD TVs with WiFi connectivity and access to Vizio’s Smart TV technology. Vizio’s Smart TV technology features membership access to YouTube, Amazon, Hulu Plus, and Netflix. As far as looks go, Vizio hasn’t skimped in the design department.

Design and Shape of Vizio’s New Ultra HD TVs

Thin is in, and this is a concept that Vizio understands. The new Vizio Ultra HD TVs come with a 2mm bezel razor frame and a sleek metallic base. The televisions that Vizio has been showcasing at CES are thin and slick and will fit in any living room space nicely. In addition to all the connectivity options mentioned above, Ultra HD capabilities, and a sleek design, Vizio has announced that some of these televisions will beat out the competition as far as price is concerned.

While the new Vizio TVs are definitely in the 4k market, Vizio has been telling press that the new TVs will be affordable for the average consumer. Since the average consumer cannot or won’t spend 4k on a television, it will be interesting to see if Vizio can effectively bring the price of these TVs down. Keeping in mind everything that the new Vizio TVs will offer, it’s tough to imagine a much lower price. But, Vizio reps insist that the company is aiming for the average consumer with these new TV sets. When compared to sets manufactured by, say, Sony, Vizio has a lot of work to do.

Additional Announcements from Vizio

Not only has Vizio announced new Ultra HD TVs at the CES conference, the company will also be debuting a new Windows 8 tablet that has already gained favorable reviews. At the time of this writing, Vizio has not included a price tag with the new tablet or any other upcoming product. Needless to say, though, you can expect a lot from Vizio this coming year.