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  • VLC Player

In the past, the dominant media player that people used for just about everything was Windows Media Player but as technology has become more advanced and more file types have been invented this media player is no longer the media player of choice for many people.

One of the most frustrating problems that computer users face is finding a universal media player that will accept a variety of file types. Many people find it frustrating to take home movies with their video cameras or cell phones only to realize that those videos won’t play on their computer because another codec is needed.

The frustration and wait for a universal, cross-platform media player is now over thanks to VLC media player.

What Can VLC Media Player Do For You?

VLC Media player works on both Mac and PC, В is super easy to install and get up and running in just a few minutes. This media player will play all types of media that you own from DVDs, CD’s and VCD file formats plus it streams and plays almost all codecs so you won’t have to download any additional codec packs to make it work.

Safe And Secure

A big problem that comes with downloading freeware or shareware is discovering that you’ve downloaded toolbars and other programs with it that are hard to get off your computer. With the VLC player you won’t have to worry about these problems anymore because it doesn’t come with any spyware, adware or toolbars. This player is also compatible with most operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX. It will also convert content that you created on other devices and easily play it for you without making you go through any extra hoops or steps.

File Formats

Some of the file formats that VLC media player can run are: AVI, WMV, WMA, MOV, MP4, WAV and FLV. This free application is also frequently tested by developers to insure that it’s compatible with the most up to date devices that are being used today and when you download the player it will be regularly updated so you won’t have to think about it.

Since VLC Media Player is a free application they do have a suggested donation price of $10.00 USD at the top right hand corner of their webpage. When you donate, you’re not just paying a rich developer; you’re contributing directly to VLC and guaranteeing that their player and future releases will be able to stay free. Besides donating money, VLC also recommends people who want to donate their time and or resources to help improve their products and make them a stronger company.


For a free program VLC has a lot of extensive support behind it and they take the time to answer user’s questions to insure that every person who is using their player will have the best experience possible.

The developers of VLC player also have a variety of other applications available for a computer users need including a live streaming application called DVBlast and a program called x264 that is used for encoding video streams.