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  • What’s Next? A Voice Activated USB Drive!
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As a hardware reviewer, I often come across new hardware that is truly innovative. Sometimes, just sometimes, though, I come across devices that leave me wondering where the world of hardware is headed. One such device is the all-new Hammacher Schlemmer USB drive. What’s so special about this drive? It comes with password protection, 8GB of storage, and – get ready – it’s voice activated. That’s right, Hammacher Schlemmer has devised the world’s first voice activated USB drive.

Now, you might be wondering why anyone would want a voice activated USB drive and you wouldn’t be alone if this thought is passing through your head. However, a voice activated drive is quite innovative and rather interesting to consider, is it not? If you’re curious about this device, here’s some more information about the first voice activated USB drive ever to hit store shelves since, well, ever.

Cost and Specs

The new Hammacher Schlemmer voice activated USB drive retails for $49.95, which is rather common. Here’s the uncommon part: using the drive’s software (included), you can set up a password that allows you to activate the drive. Once that password has been set, the only way to unlock the drive is to say the password that you have chosen out loud. So, what happens if you can’t speak or if your throat is hoarse? Unlike many voice activated devices that have been developed in the past (remember those voice activated remote controls that really didn’t work if your voice was a pitch higher or lower?), this USB drive comes with a backup text file, so you can plug in your password if you can’t speak properly.

What this drive doesn’t do is respond to voice commands. The Hammacher Schlemmer USB device isn’t Siri or Siri-based or Siri in any way, so you can’t ask the drive to access certain files for you or to do any other task. What you can do is simply say your password out loud and wait for the device to unlock. Do you need a voice activated USB drive? Probably not; but this drive is lots of fun all the same and performed very well when tested.

Where to Find the New USB Drive

If your curiosity has been piqued, you can find the new voice activated drive on the Hammacher Schlemmer website. This drive works with both Mac and PC and is, surprisingly, selling quite well. As far as the way the drive looks, you can slip this drive into your pocked with ease and it will be virtually undetectable.

There’s also a small section on the Hamamcher Schlemmer site that claims this drive is guaranteed for life, so that may be something to consider when wondering if a voice activated USB drive is worth $49.95. Might other UBS drive manufacturers move in the voice activated direction? It’s hard to say if this drive will prove to be just a gimmick or not, but if this drive sells well enough, you might be seeing many other voice activated options at a store near you very soon.