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  • Vudu From Walmart
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In case you missed it, Walmart purchased an online movie service called Vudu some months ago. At the time, Walmart was going up against competitors such as Netflix, and this had some people feeling quite sure that the large retail group would not last in the online movie world. Recently, the numbers have come in, and Walmart’s Vudu is making a lot of great progress.

Such great progress, in fact, that Vudu may surpass other online movie sites soon. There are many reasons why Vudu is successful, and all of them are worth noting. If you’re stuck in the Netflix trap or you want another option, you’ll want to take a closer look at this article, and at Vudu.

It’s All About Pricing

Spotify taught this lesson best: let users pay only for what they rent. That’s why Spotify is one of the world’s largest streaming music options to date. Vudu also adopted this policy. People who use Vudu can simply head to the Vudu website, pick a movie, and pay for that movie ($2). You don’t have to sign up for a monthly contract or sell your soul to the devil in order to use Vudu.

Vudu also has great movie selection options. Even though your video store might be out of the movie that was released today, Vudu is sure to have a copy. The site features all the latest releases at great rates, and you don’t have to worry about late fees. If you like streaming videos from the comfort of your home, then you’ll love Vudu.

Ways to Stream Vudu Movies

If you’re not into streaming movies on your laptop, you’ll be happy to know that Vudu offers other streaming options. These choices include iPad, HDTV, Blu-ray, and home theater. The catch is that not all Blu-ray, home theater, and HDTVs work with Vudu. Thankfully, Vudu has made finding out if your device is compatible with the service by offering a quick way to check for compatibility.

When you go to the Vudu site, click on the device that you have. Then, select the make and model of your device. Within moments, you should be able to see whether or not your device will work with Vudu. If not, you’ll have to find another option.

Everything about Vudu seems to be appealing, which is why the service is just behind Microsoft and Apple’s streaming video offerings. But, there are still some people out there who refuse to use Vudu simply because this service is associated with Walmart. Then again, you wouldn’t know this from looking at the site.

Under Wraps

Walmart understands that some consumers are turned off by the large blue logo. That’s why the company has decided to keep Vudu separate from Walmart. Vudu has a different office headquarter location, the site doesn’t display any large Walmart ads, and Vudu is altogether a different bird than Walmart.

If you didn’t know that the two were connected you, well, wouldn’t know. There might be some potential for Walmart to link streaming videos with the televisions and other devices that the company sells, but this remains to be seen. Right now, Vudu is simply a good site that offers high quality, current, streaming movies at a very low price.