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  • Have a Stranger Wake You Up With Wakie
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How would you feel about letting a stranger wake you up? Would it freak you out to hear someone’s voice you aren’t familiar with on the other end of that wake up call, or would it engage your brain so much that you do actually wake up out of that slumber? The makers of a new app called ‘Wakie’ are betting on the latter.

They claim that the stimulation from a call from a stranger will help you wake up - here are the details, just in case you have issues getting up on time!

Using Wakie

Wakie will choose a random stranger to pair you with. After letting the app know what time you want to get up, you will get a call from that stranger. The app lets the person calling you determine what they will say to wake you up, but it suggests playing light music, asking questions, or speaking in a gentle tone. Really, though, the person calling you could do anything at all including saying something creepy or blasting loud music in your ear (just a thought).

The concept behind Wakie is that you’re more likely to actually wake up (and not go back to bed) if you have to think about talking to a random person. If someone calls you and starts asking you questions, there’s a good chance that you’ll eventually snap out of the grogginess. But how well does it actually work?


Right now, the app is being manned by people that are testing it out, and that largely means that the calls are a bit odd at the moment. Some people aren’t sure what to say, and others seem to be saying odd things. Then again, this is bound to happen with any new app that comes along during the testing phase. Seemingly, Wakie isn’t different from all the other apps out there that are being tried for the first time by a number of people.

If you have a problem waking up, and the old alarm just isn’t cutting it, there’s not much harm in using Wakie. The people calling to wake you up don’t know your name or exact location, so the creep factor is cut way back with the app (though it did have the potential to be very creepy, if you think about it). You also never know what the person on the other end might say to you, so be prepared for some oddness. Presumably, most of the people using the app are well-intended, though, so you don’t have to worry about any real strangeness to a large extent.

Where to Find It

Wakie is now available for both iOS and Android. It’s hard to say how long the app will be around, and whether or not it will catch on. Wakie isn’t the first alarm clock type app to hit either app store, but it’s a fun one all the same.

If you like the idea of Wakie, give this app a try. It may or may not get you out of bed, but it might be interesting to hear someone on the other end of the phone in the morning, or to think of something really funny and clever to say to someone that you are trying to wake up.