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When you purchase a program that has a confusing interface, hopefully that program has a Help Guide or online Help support or some other kind of help. But when you’re surfing the web and trying to figure out how to use a complex webpage, there’s no Help Guide to turn to. Well, there wasn’t a Help Guide to turn to until now, at least. A relatively new startup site called WalkMe aims to be your online website guide for all of those sites that you just can’t figure out on your own.

Not only is WalkMe an excellent idea for a startup, but this site also offers plenty of excellent features for site owners. In fact, WalkMe targets site owners who want to make sure that consumers are navigating a site properly. If you have a website of any kind, here’s how WalkMe works – and how this service can really benefit your business.

How WalkMe Works

WalkMe allows website owners to provide a real online walkthrough guide for customers. For example, if you currently own an online store and your site is a bit complicated, you can sign up for a WalkMe account and WalkMe will then allow you to customize the walkthrough process. You can decide where to place Help balloons, what those balloons should say, and where your clients will need the most help when it comes to navigating your site. The WalkMe service is highly customizable and I can see why a number of site owners would want this tool.

As the WalkMe site also points out, using the WalkMe service is also a heck of a lot cheaper than hiring a support staff or using any other kind of help desk service, but the end result is the same: enticing consumers to use your site thanks to a clever help service. Logically, if consumers don’t have a hard time navigating your site, you will sell more products or services. As you can see, WalkMe makes a good deal of sense. What about costs?

The Price of Signing Up for WalkMe

It wouldn’t make any sense for WalkMe to charge clients more than it would cost to hire help desk personnel, so WalkMe is competitively priced. The Free Plan will allow smaller websites to use WalkMe three times per month. After those three trials have expired, you will have to purchase a different plan. The Silver Plan costs $19 per month and includes 5 walkthroughs. The Gold Plan is priced at $97 per month and includes 15 walkthroughs. If you are looking for a much more personalized plan, WalkMe also has a custom option, but you’ll have to contact the company in order to work out customized payment options.

Most of the time, those people who visit your website won’t require any kind of help, so a plan that consists of 5-15 walkthroughs per month should suffice. If you find that these plans do not provide enough client assistance, you can always upgrade. Either way, WalkMe is a site that any online business owner should consider using to increase traffic and help make the customer shopping experience better overall.