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  • A Waterproof iPhone Case Worth A Quick Look
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Did you notice that I said “quick look?” That’s because the TAT7 iPhone Scuba Case looks great at first. Then, it becomes evident that this iPhone case might not be the way to snap photos underwater. The writers over at The Verge originally detected the case, and it has gained a lot of press since (not necessarily good press, but press all the same).

So what is the TAT7 iPhone Scuba Case? Essentially, this is an iPhone case meant for iPhone users who enjoy diving. The case is waterproof up to 100 feet and it will protect your iPhone from any saltwater or other water. The idea here is to allow users to snap photos using an iPhone while submersed in water, though the design of the case could have used some additional thought.

Snapping Photos With the TAT7

I can see the appeal of being able to use an app like Instagram underwater (once you start using that app, it’s hard to snap photos any other way), but the TAT7 case won’t let you use Instagram. In fact, the only thing that you can do while using this case is snap photos using your iPhone regular camera function. Alright, using the iPhone’s regular camera isn’t so bad, right? But there’s another hitch here. Your camera app must be open and ready to roll before you put the case on. Why? Once the case has been placed on your iPhone, you won’t be able to access the app or touch the screen.

If you were to press the home screen button mid-dive, you would be brought to your home screen but you wouldn’t be able to access the photo app once again until the case has been removed. See the problem here? Then again, if you are looking for an iPhone case that you can take diving with you, the TAT7 might be worth the price. Right, price, that’s what I haven’t mentioned yet! How much will it cost you to be able to dive deep with your iPhone by your side?

Cost and Availability

The cost of the TAT7 is a bit on the high side, but, hey, it’s the first iPhone case of its kind. If you want the TAT7 case, you must be prepared to drop $84.95. That’s right, more than $80 will get you the underwater case that you’ve always wanted…or something like that. Of course, you could just purchase an underwater camera and snap away, but that’s beside the point. As far as availability goes, you can purchase this underwater iPhone case right now from the TAT7 website. On that site, you’ll also find cases that make your iPhone snow and sand proof – hopefully, the design of those other cases is right on point.

Should you spend more than $80 on an underwater iPhone case that severely limits interacting with your phone underwater? Maybe not; but TAT7 has said that the company will be working on making communication with Siri possible while underwater. Wait, can you speak while under water? I’m not so sure about that one, but at least they are trying to perfect the product, right?