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  • The WAZE Of The Mapping Future
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There’s no shortage of navigation devices out there. Interestingly, most of them run based upon existing maps. These maps are sufficient until you wind up looking for a road that no longer exists or you find yourself amidst a massive construction line-up. WAZE is a navigation app, but it’s so much more than that too.

Unlike its predecessors, WAZE is intelligent. WAZE will let you know when your current route is no longer the best option. By providing you with real-time street-by-street directions, you’ll never get lost again with WAZE.

Crowd Sourcing: A Novel Idea

WAZE doesn’t rely on old maps to get you where you want to go. Instead, this app takes advantage of something called “crowd sourcing.” Essentially, crowd sourcing involves taking a sample of current road conditions from other WAZE users. As you can imagine, this works very well in an area where there are a lot of WAZE users.

The downside to crowd sourcing is that it doesn’t work all the time. For example, if you were to use WAZE, you may find that the number of people using WAZE in your area is low. This would limit the directions that WAZE can provide to you. This slight drawback sounds rather essential, but WAZE works wonders when used in a highly populated WAZE area.

Distraction Concerns

You shouldn’t be looking at your phone while driving. That’s why WAZE has a voice over feature. Still, hearing up to date driving directions can be confusing. Imagine this scenario: you’re driving down one road when WAZE tells you to reverse directions. You then head in a different direction only to be lead down another road.
In some cases, taking directions from WAZE can be confusing.

Will WAZE help you arrive at your destination? Yes. Will it take a long time to get there? Possibly. Still, WAZE has really created something intelligent. The mere idea of having real-time maps will save most people a lot of hassle. If you’ve ever dealt with a GPS that sends you down a road that is no longer in service, you’ll understand the importance of an app like WAZE.


WAZE is easy to use. That’s a good thing, since taking too much time to view directions is a recipe for disaster. Most first time users won’t have any difficulty using WAZE. This app also comes with a voice over that can rival most TomTom voices. You won’t hear Yoda or listen to your favorite cartoon character, but you will hear clear directions from a human-sounding voice.
GPS navigation users tend to complain about robotic voice-overs, and this is something that WAZE has apparently conquered.

If you have an Android phone, WAZE is an app that you may want to consider. Just remember that WAZE works best in an area where there are other WAZE users. Is there a way to find out how many WAZE users are in your area? Not really. But, you can help WAZE grow (if you’re very committed to this app) by asking others to join you in the WAZE of the future.