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  • Western Digital Creates an Intelligent Router
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Owning more than one wireless device and using those devices simultaneously inside of your home means that you will need a router. If you’ve gone the router route before, you know that these necessities are difficult to set up, somewhat impossible to configure, and a real pain when it comes to setting up a password. Well, Western Digital (a company that usually makes hard drives) has recognized these problems.

The answer to all of these router woes in Western Digital’s opinion is the My Net line of routers. These routers are not like those of old. Instead, Western Digital has created a router that can prioritize bandwidth, comes with an easy setup, and was built for the average consumer to use easily. Gone are the days of complex passwords and ridiculously hard setups – here to stay, it seems, is Western Digital’s My Net line (a welcome innovation!).

Bandwidth Prioritizing: This is the Impressive Part!

Have you ever tried to stream a movie from your Apple TV while downloading a movie on your laptop? Trying to complete these two tasks at once means that one download will be, inevitably, slower – you mean even wind up with a stalled movie at one point. The My Net routers from Western Digital solve this problem by allowing you to determine which device inside of your home gains bandwidth priority.

So, if you want your Apple TV to have priority over you laptop, all you have to do is setup you’re My Net router to split the bandwidth accordingly. Now, you might be thinking two things. First, you could be thinking: “don’t some routers already offer this option?” Second, you might be wondering: “how difficult is this to set up?”

The answers to both questions are intertwined. Sure, some routers have the option to configure QoS settings, so that you can split bandwidth, but this isn’t something that the average router user will easily be able to do – let’s face it, most router configurations can only be done by those in the know. I’ll also point out that QoS settings don’t work especially well with other routers, but Western Digital claims that the My Net routers are seamless.

That’s where the answer to the second question comes into play: the My Net routers come with a Wizard setup that is easy to follow and only takes a few minutes to configure. It sure looks like Western Digital has found a niche market with these new routers, doesn’t it? How can you get your hands on one?

Pricing and Other Details

The Western Digital routers are currently available through the WD website and through other retailers (check the WD website). As far as pricing goes, these routers range from $79.99 to $349.99 depending on the type chosen. If you’ve had your router for a few years and you’re looking to upgrade (or, if you’re just tired of those long alphanumeric passwords and complex setups), the My Net line from Western Digital is sure to be a big (and helpful) hit.