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  • What Is the Blackphone?
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First, let's talk about what it's not. The Blackphone is not a NSA-proof device, as stated by Silent Circle (the developers behind the phone). Now, let's talk about what it is.

The Blackphone is a smartphone that heightens the idea of security and privacy. Built on an Android open-source OS, Blackphone aims to let users take complete control over what's shared via apps and Internet and what's kept private. In addition, this phone encrypts all messages and information, so that it's tough for hackers to snag user details.

Is Blackphone Hacker-proof?

Not by a long shot. Sure, Blackphone will be one of the most secure smartphones to date, but nothing is hacker-proof. As we've seen time and again with various devices, hackers will find a way to tap into any device given the necessary amount of time needed to get around security barriers. As for the NSA, well, if you are on the U.S. Government watch list, there's really no one phone that will prevent watchful government eyes from peeking at your data.

That said, Blackphone will offer quite a lot of security features and measures that regular smartphones just can't compare with. One of those details is the fact that this phone is built on a completely different OS, and it comes with a automatic encryption capabilities. Before any text or phone call is sent, the Blackphoen will encrypt every detail - there's just one catch.

Silent Circle

Recipients of a Blackphone text message or phone call must have the Silent Circle app installed prior to decoding a message. Otherwise, the message won't be kept private, and that kind of defeats the whole purpose. This phone will also retail for $629, and that's a hefty price to pay for a smartphone.

It should also be pointed out that the Blackphone is not the first encryption phone. There have been other attempts at smartphones capable of dodging government watch groups, but those phones have largely failed when it comes to the consumer marketplace. Why? Because most consumers just don't care about an encrypted phone.

Will the Blackphone Sell?

The majority of consumers gasp at NSA spying news. Yet, few of those consumers would actually purchase a phone that's not familiar. Why? It has to do with comfort. Consumers want certain apps, accessibility, carrier approval (and cheaper carrier contracts), and various other bits that make the iPhone and certain Android phones so popular. Take those things away, and you have a very small market of people that would actually spend $600 on a rebel phone.

Still, we wait. The Blackphone will debut today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. From there, the phone will go on sale in Europe and in other parts of the world (you can pre-order a Blackphone from the company's website right now). Other than the 'cool' factor that the Blackphone has right now, it doesn't seem very likely that this phone will sell in a big way. But, maybe I'm wrong.

What do you think?