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It seems like many companies these days are attempting to find new ways to be social. The latest web application to join the social bandwagon is App.bg. This app can be used by anyone who has a browser, it is free, and it does show up on any smartphone, so you don’t have to worry about paying a high price for the app itself. So, what is App.bg? As mentioned, it’s a way to further tie social media sites like Foursquare and Instagram (a social media site of sorts) together.

App.bg allows you to see Instagram, Foursqure, and other social media site posts near you. So, for example, if you wanted to find out who’s snapping what photo in your neighborhood and then visit that location, you can find out where that location is by looking at the App.bg website. When tested, this site proved to be very interesting indeed. Here’s what you can do when you use App.bg.

How The Site Works

When you first visit App.bg, you will be asked to enter your location information by selecting the “share location” tab (top left-hand side of the screen). Once your location has been shared, you will see a number of red balloons that pop up on the map. These balloons indicate Instagram photos, Foursquare check-ins, and other social media posts from people who live in your town. If you click on one of the balloons, you will see the photo or message that someone has written, and you can also see where that person is at the moment. There are also three links on the top right-hand side of the App.bg screen.

These links include Images, Tips, and Tweets. Clicking on the Images tab brings you back to the original mapped homepage. The Tips tab lists all of the tips that people have written about in your area. For example, you may see that someone tweeted “MMM! The Food Here is SO good!” with the name of the restaurant listed underneath the comment. You may also see more than one tip listed underneath a comment. Clicking on the Tweets tab will show you all of the tweets in your current area.

Not All Tips Are Good Tips

Even though Foursquare tips can be fun, not all Foursquare tips are trustworthy. In fact, most of the tips that I looked at were of the advertising sort. If you see someone leaving a tip about a bagel shop that you know is terrible (and the tip says that the shop is the best in town), stay away from that tip. Really, if a tip sounds like an advertisement, it probably is. Otherwise, this website application is a lot of fun to use. Other than the fact that you get to cyber-stalk anyone in your neighborhood, it’s also a lot of fun to see what people think of popular joints in town.

You may also come across some helpful tips regarding parking situations and other bits of information. App.bg is free, so that means that anyone can use this site. If you have a laptop, desktop, or smartphone, and you want to know what’s happening in your town, connect to all of the top social media sites by entering your location, checking out what people have to say, and staying connected with what’s happening around you with App.bg.