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  • The White Galaxy Nexus
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What is it with white phones? Apple iPhone fans were anxiously awaiting a white version of the popular phone before white was available. When Apple first released the white iPhone, fans lined up to purchase this version of the popular phone.

For some time now, Galaxy Nexus fans have been waiting for a white version of this phone too, though Samsung has taken quite a long time to release a white Galaxy Nexus. Today, Samsung has finally announced that the company will unveil the white version of the Galaxy Nexus on February 13th – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

If you have been waiting for a white Galaxy Nexus to arrive, you just have one more week to wait.

Well, you have one more week to wait if you live in the UK, that is. Samsung isn’t releasing the white Galaxy Nexus in North American quite yet. Why? Who knows why Samsung isn’t letting North American Nexus fans in on the white variety quite yet, but you can bet that Samsung will eventually release a white version of the Nexus in North America sometime soon. Interestingly, Samsung isn’t going to cover this phone in white from front to back.

A Curious Image

Samsung released an image of the white Galaxy Nexus, and fans are somewhat disappointed at what can be seen thus far. Instead of coating the whole phone in pale white bisque, Samsung has decided to leave the face of the new Nexus black. In further details, the back and sides of the white Nexus are white, but the bevel (face) of the phone is still black. For some, this decision to coat only half of the phone in white is a letdown. For others, the black and white contrast is both interesting and appealing.

Whether you like the black and white combo or whether you’d prefer an all white version, the white Galaxy Nexus does have some nice design details. The “Google” name and the “Samsung” name are etched nicely in a light shade of silver that’s easily appealing. The camera portion of this phone also stands out thanks to a solid silver and metal edging that many will enjoy. As far as the size and weight of this phone, all the details that were true with the black Galaxy Nexus are true with the white version. The main difference is, of course, the white shell.

Black and White: That’s All?

Perhaps Galaxy Nexus fans are excited about a white phone because black and white phones are all that are offered in North America. However, it’s interesting to note that in other countries (especially in Japan), phones come in many different colors.

Have North American smartphone manufacturers run out of dye? Given the excitement that is apparent over the release of a white phone, it seems that North Americans would jump at the chance to own a colorful phone. Yet, no manufacturer has come forward with anything other than a white or black option in North America yet.

Samsung hasn’t announced when the company will offer the white Galaxy Nexus to North American markets. Seemingly, the company wants to test out the UK response first.