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  • Why You Should Upgrade to iOS 5
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Apple’s iOS 5 has just been released, and there are some very good reasons why you should make upgrading to this OS a top priority. But first, I’ll warn you that Apple is experiencing a bit of server overload due to all the upgrades happening simultaneously around the world right now. So, even though you should upgrade, you may want to wait a week or two to do so. Otherwise, you might have to give that upgrade a try more than three times.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, the iOS 5 upgrade applies to you. To upgrade, simply plug your device into your computer. Apple iTunes should present you with an option to upgrade as soon as you plug your device in. The rest is merely a matter of waiting (it could take up to one hour), and getting to know the new iOS 5.

Key Features

Perhaps the most important thing to grasp about iOS 5 is that this new software will make connecting your Apple device to your computer unnecessary. Updates will be sent to your device through WiFi, and you can store any information you like in Apple’s iCloud. You can also manage and create playlists using the iCloud. Seemingly, the last time that you’ll need to connect your Apple device to your computer will be to upgrade to iOS 5.

After that, you can wave goodbye to your computer for all Apple device-related purposes. Freedom from the PC? You bet. This was, after all, Steve Jobs’ vision. This freedom may also explain why millions of people around the globe are currently attempting to upgrade to iOS 5. As great as freedom from the PC is, there are other features well worth noting.

iMessage: Text for Free

If you know a lot of other iPhone users, you are going to love iMessage – granted, your carrier will hate this latest Jobs invention, but you are bound to love it! iMessage allows you to text anyone who has an iPhone for free. This messenger service is a lot like BBM, but it has some distinct Apple twists.

Users can share photos, videos, and texts via WiFi for free. However, if you decide to use iMessage via 3G, your carrier can still charge you for texts. A solution to this problem is to download a free WiFi finder. There are lots of WiFi apps out there that will help you find the closest WiFi in your area.

Notification Center

The Notification Center compiles all of your missed calls, voice mails, and texts in one area towards the top of your screen. Instead of seeing that you have a missed call near the top of the phone icon located on your screen, you will notice that your Notification Center has a few items that need to be looked at. This discreet bar can be accessed by simply swiping the top of the Notification Center.

Twitter Integration

The new iOS 5 is all about Twitter. Twitter users will be able to navigate the Twittersphere quickly and accurately. It will also be possible to let your Twitter followers know where you are at all times (if you so desire).


In an effort to spread the word about electronic books and magazines, any newspapers or magazines that you subscribe to electronically will be placed inside of your “Newsstand.” Quick access to these items is the name of the newsstand game.

Other Features

There are so many other iOS 5 features that it’s hard to name them all. Your camera can be accessed through volume controls, more games will be available, you can find out where your friends are at all times through a new finder app, and even accessing your mail through your Apple device will be simpler.

In short, the only good reason not to upgrade to iOS 5 right now is the waiting time. At the time of this writing, this reviewer has not yet been able to successfully upgrade, but I’m told with time that the upgrade will happen – just keep trying, iOS 5 is worth the effort.